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IYC and Bitcashier Enhance Yachting Transactions with Strategic Cryptocurrency Partnership

IYC and Bitcashier Enhance Yachting Transactions with Strategic Cryptocurrency Partnership

11th June 2024

IYC is pleased to announce its enrollment of cryptocurrency payment solutions with Bitcashier. This new framework aims to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions for yacht sales and charter-related services by leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance accessibility and security in high-value asset transactions, integrating cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and USDT into the fabric of yachting commerce.

The advent of digital currencies is transforming the luxury market, with more investors turning to cryptocurrency to facilitate large-scale transactions. Bitcashier and IYC are setting new industry standards by offering solutions that cater to a tech-savvy clientele, providing an innovative platform for buying and managing luxury yachts.

Transaction Process:
1. Invoice Generation: IYC creates a detailed invoice, accessible to the client via a secure hyperlink.
2. Secure Payment Portal: The client uses the hyperlink to access Bitcashier’s payment portal, locking in the cryptocurrency price at the moment of transaction to ensure fairness and security.
3. Efficient Currency Conversion: Bitcashier seamlessly converts the cryptocurrency into the required fiat currency, completing the transaction with precision and ease.

Raphael Sauleau, CEO of IYC, commented, “Embracing cutting-edge technology and novel approaches to our business and our industry is certainly not something IYC shies away from. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Bitcashier, offering our clients seamless, secure transactions through the power of blockchain technology. We have carefully chosen this esteemed platform as our ally in cryptocurrency transactions, confident in their expertise and integrity. As yachting embraces new waves of clients attuned to the dynamics of a rapidly changing world, our partnership with Bitcashier symbolizes our confidence in adapting to this evolving landscape. We look forward to working together.”

CEO of Bitcashier, Giles Whitby-Smith, added, "Our collaboration with IYC represents a pivotal step in transforming how high-value transactions are conducted in the yachting industry. By integrating cryptocurrency, we are providing a secure, efficient, and modern payment solution that resonates with the future of financial transactions."

With cryptocurrencies reaching new valuation highs, the timing is optimal for their integration into the luxury asset sphere. This partnership addresses the market's demand for more flexible and secure transaction methods and positions Bitcashier and IYC at the forefront of a financial evolution in the luxury yachting sector.

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