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Irina Ivanova

Marketing Communications Manager Russia

+7 499 951 4660

Irina Ivanova has 14 years of experience in the luxury yachting sector. She has a strong educational background having earned her first degree as an Engineer and her Masters degree in Marketing and Management. In 2004 she started as a Strategic marketing and regional sales Director (B2B) with Princess Yachts in Russia and worked on promoting Princess Yachts using all channels of marketing communications. She developed a dealers’ chain in 10 Russian regions and in a few years Princess became one of the most popular yachting brands in Russia, which was also depicted in strong sales. She then moved on to work as a partner of Azimut Yachts Russia, based out of Ukraine and worked on marketing and sales for the brand. Irina also has experience in sales and is recognized as a successful private broker. Over the years she has helped a number of brands and companies raise their image and awareness and increase sales in Russia, including: Princess Yachts in Russia, Azimut Yachts and Sunseeker and Sanlorenzo in Ukraine, luxury yachts service Dockservice in Moscow. Her personal connections with yacht owners and strong relationship with partners in the luxury market (luxury cars, jets, helicopters, Russian and EU yacht and golf clubs, restaurants, boutiques) are an asset. She is familiar with all the channels of marketing communications, both classic and innovative and is experienced in promoting brands using modern offline and online technologies. Irina professes the idea of “the loyal client” and “Permission marketing” by the principle: “Turning strangers into friends and friends into customers”.

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