Calling all *green crew!

The IYC Crew Placement team is holding a round of speed interviews at the IYC Office in Monaco. This is a “meet and greet” for us to put a face to your CV.

Next session: Wednesday, 28th March 2018 from 9.30am – 12.30pm.

Be sure to register online here and bring with you a copy of your CV. Speed interviews are very popular so it’s a prerequisite that you register and create a profile online before we can meet you. Here’s a tip! Check the train schedules before heading to Monaco. There is no need to be on the 1st train, we are here all morning.

If you are unable to make it this time, do not worry! We will be conducting interviews every Wednesday through autumn. For any information, make sure to email the IYC Crew Placement team.
To find out more about IYC Crew Placement click here.

Note: Due to popularity, we are only able to spend a few minutes with each of you. We appreciate you making the journey to meet us, so why not take the opportunity to do a bit of dockwalking and get to know Monaco at the same time?

*Green Crew – Brand new crew with little or no yachting experience.