Agency services

The IYC Agency supports yachts in all destinations via a quality controlled service for any enquiry in ports of call. It is an all-in-one yacht concierge and worldwide assistance service that is built on the strengths of our combined experience and approach.

Our international team of yachting experts are able to offer insight, advice and assistance to virtually any query, ashore at berth or at anchor.

We aim to differentiate the term of services compared with current market standards, introducing yacht owners and guests to local leisure and the finest facilities, converting each destination momentum to a unique experience


The IYC Agency is built on the strengths of our combined experience and approach. With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts are available to provide advice and assistance for anything that may arise. With IYC Agency on board, we give you the freedom to focus on what matters. We are the key element to the success of every voyage.


the iyc agency services

IYC Agency offers a wide range of services to cover every need.With IYC Agency on board, we give you the freedom to focus on what matters.

Master Benefit :
The Captain’s heavy workload is balanced though IYC’s voyage and port administration assistance. Services include: In/out clearance, Berth reservation, Itinerary planning, Weather routing, Transit log issuance, Immigration and Customs

Shore Benefit: 
Our worldwide network and dedicated team provide service in all destinations in preferential terms and competitive costs. Services include: Bunkering/lubes/water supply, Technical Services Coordination, Provisions and Supplies

Anchor Benefit: 
We offer a wide range of services oriented towards anchoring depending on weather and accessibility. All services are delivered upon coordination between Master and assigned operator.

Leisure Benefit: 
We ensure the very best experience for our owners and their charter guests making each destination momentum unique. Services include: Private porter services, Health care and Beauty Special leisure activities, Event coordination, Bespoke services

Concierge services

Through IYC ‘s Agency Concierge Services we introduce our clients to the ultimate leisure on board their yacht. We meet every need, no matter how challenging.

Enjoying the services of a yacht concierge can make your yachting experience even more special. Our team of experts will address any query,  from making travel reservations, to organizing parties onboard or arranging for an exclusive activity.

Our team has a robust network and numerous resources across the Mediterranean, which are available upon our clients’ request. We work closely with our partners and continuously evaluate them to  ensure that services provided are always of the best quality and the most efficient prices.