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Luxury Yachts for Sale
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Luxury Yachts for Sale
IYC has access to all yachts for sale globally, including superyachts, megayachts, motor yachts and luxury sailing yachts. Our aim is to pair the right yacht with the right owner.

Buying your Yacht with IYC

The IYC Sales Fleet

With a sales fleet valued over $1 billion, IYC has one of the most varied sales portfolios within yachting. You have the option of choosing from different types of boats, such as sailing boats, motorboats, pre-owned vessels, and brand new models from well-known shipyards and designers of varying sizes. In addition, IYC offers a wide selection of custom designs that are entirely planned out and ready to be constructed for those who wish to make their ideal yacht a reality. The company is now able to offer the most competitive prices due to its growing range of top-quality yachts.

The immense range of our luxurious super yachts is evident just by looking at our international sales records. Our team of experts can provide you with the perfect yacht for your requirements, offering individualized guidance and support in selecting the best vessel. We will work with you to come up with a custom set of choices that meet your specifications.

Discover The Right Yacht

Having a yacht can be a thrilling and exciting journey. Our award-winning brokers and consultants are here to help you reach your goals, from identifying the ideal yacht for you to determining the features that are most important. Our experts will develop a tailored list of mega yachts for you to examine, emphasizing the special features that make each one exceptional. We can help you find the ideal vessel for purchase with our wide network of professionals, who can use their expertise in negotiations and connections with brokers around the world to get the best deal.

Our teams on the ground operate from our collection of global offices in key yachting hubs, which makes them privy to the latest market shifts, data analysis and superyacht trends both locally and internationally. By communicating cross-functionally across countries and between departments, they can closely monitor the industry for new yacht listings and price fluctuations from the most prominent yachting destinations. At IYC, we use our insight to your advantage.

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Email us or call us to contact one of out Sales Consultants and find out more about the buying process and the superyachts available for sale.


It is possible to buy a yacht without a broker, however using a broker will absolutely ensure the best possible outcome for the buyer. Consider it a partnership. A yacht broker will work with you from your very first enquiry all the way through to delivery (and often beyond). Their role includes advising on available yachts, creating a short list, arranging yacht visits, undertaking negotiations, organizing sea trials and surveys, and closing the deal. A good yacht broker will get to know you and understand all that you require from a yacht in order to present you with the best possible options for purchase. They are there to make the process clear, simple, and enjoyable. 

There are several steps involved in purchasing a yacht.

First, decide what type of yacht you are interested in. A broker can help you understand all the different types of yachts that are available, and what/who they are best suited to.

Decide whether you wish to purchase a new build, or a brokerage yacht. There are benefits to both.

Set your budget and establish any other desirables, e.g. the size, whether it is registered for charter, or if there is a designer or builder you prefer.

Your broker will then put together a shortlist of the best available yachts that meet your criteria. You will then be able to visit your favorites on this shortlist and get a feel for your preferred option.

If there is a yacht you wish to proceed with buying, your broker will then assist with negotiations and contracts.

Sea trials and surveys will then be undertaken to be sure that all is as expected,

The deal will then be finalized, and you are now the proud owner of your new yacht.


Click here for a more detailed overview of the yacht buying process -

The length of the purchase process can vary greatly from sale to sale. There are many different factors that might influence the time to complete the process, including the amount of due diligence required and the timeframe of the seller. That said, it is very possible to complete a quick sale when the purchase is straightforward. If you have a pressing purchase deadline, please make this clear to your broker.

Before buying a yacht we highly recommend taking expert advice to gain the full picture of all that yacht ownership entails. This includes the purchase process itself, as well as information about the annual expenses and what is needed to operate a yacht each year.

We recommend reading our detailed guide to buying a yacht for a more expansive overview of this important topic -

This question is one of the best examples of why working with a reputable broker is highly advisable. By choosing to work with a broker you will benefit from their many years of experience and industry knowledge. This is a relationship of trust, and you can expect your broker to provide you with factual advice about the quality of a yacht you wish to purchase.

Sea trials and surveys are also a very important part of the quality control process and are the main opportunity to bring any issues that might exist to light. By the end of the purchasing process you should be going into the sale confident that you have a detailed picture about the yacht and are happy with your decision to commit to the sale.

To undertake a sea trial of a yacht, and conduct a detailed survey, a purchase agreement must be fully executed. A deposit of 10% of the agreed price must also have been paid. Your yacht broker can assist with all the sea trial and survey arrangements.

If there is a yacht you are interested in purchasing, your broker can arrange a visit on board, allowing you to experience and inspect it in-person. Your broker will arrange a viewing at a convenient time to you.

Once you have decided to purchase a yacht your broker can assist with arranging all the necessary legalities. After a formal offer is made, any negotiations will then take place and then if the seller is happy the offer will be accepted. A contract is then drawn up and will include key processes and timelines including due diligence and survey requirements. Once all conditions have been met the sale will be closed and final funds transferred.

Yes. In accordance to international regulations, it is necessary for the company to perform specific checks for the purpose of satisfying the anti-money laundering rules and compliance with any applicable sanctions. IYC is bound by these rules, and must comply with global processes.

IYC will request specific documentation to perform all necessary checks. The company strives to complete this process with the minimum possible inconvenience for our clients and will perform all necessary checks in an efficient manner. All reports will be made available to the client. Information and/or documents provided shall be maintained by IYC’s Legal Department, in accordance with applicable laws, in strict confidence and with restricted access.


Sell Your Yacht With IYC

IYC has earned a reputation as one of the leading providers of luxury yacht sales globally, consistently ranking in the top 3. This accomplishment is further strengthened by the fact that it has organized some of the most noteworthy yacht sales in the industry. Over the past five years IYC has sold over 280 vessels ranging up to 110 meters. We are dependably successful when it comes to selling our own listings, with over 60% of all deals featuring IYC as representing the seller. Additionally, we have a proven track record of making sales quickly and at the right price, in a variety of yachting settings. How do we achieve this? We are confident in our ability to market our sales fleet effectively, with the help of our dedicated sales and in-house marketing teams. We have faith in the efficacy of marketing (strategically planned advertising based on data) and tailor our approach for the promotion of each ship in our sales fleet.

Looking to sell your yacht? List your vessel with IYC today to find the right buyer. By trusting us with the entire process, you can look forward to enjoying expert advice from our first class, experienced team.

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