Feadship yachts

Feadship Shipyard

Established in 1849, Feadship actually stands for First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders. Royal Van Lent and Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw together with De Voogt Naval Architects, established this shipyard in Haarlem, The Netherlands specifically for the design and construction of fully custom luxury superyachts.

Over 150 years later Feadship is a brand that iѕ known for dominating the superyacht with its remarkable design prowess and constant ambition for innovating the biggest and best yachts.

With branches across the globe, Feadship stands poised to continue leading its niche with unstoppable top-tier design and luxury for each оf itѕ custom-built yachts. This is a brand that truly aims to raise the bar in all aspects of yacht building, from design, to engineering and construction.

Feadship constantly strives to evolve their design and technological ethos, aiming at greater speeds, reduced fuel consumption, more water sports and luxurious amenities and next generation technologies to offer owners and guests the ultimate yachting vacation experience.

As a result, the company introduced the prestigious Feadship SL39 and Feadship F45 custom-series yachts. Combining their extensive research and experience in the luxury yacht market, they brought together all their expertise in design, construction and engineering to create a superior charter yacht. These series provide guests with a comfortable interior layout with a variety of dining and sleeping options, as well as a wealth of water sports and activities available for luxurious cruising vacations.

Several yachts that bear the Feadship mark today are Award Winning yachts. As a Feadship yacht owner would say: ‘the Feadship experience offers the best of аll worlds.’

If you are in the market for a Feadship Yacht, we encourage you to contact one of IYC’s Yacht Sales Consultants today. IYC has a strong track record in selling pedigree yachts, including the recent sale of 52.1m Feadship superyacht Gravitas.


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