Yacht Management


IYC offers a comprehensive management service for superyachts around the world.

Our expert team ensures that your yacht is being correctly and efficiently managed at all times, and that your captain and crew are receiving the right support to do their jobs.

IYC Management clients benefit from our world-class team, boutique offering, powerful support tools, global network and vast internal resource pool. You can be assured that you, and your yacht, will be in the best possible hands.


Our Yacht Management team consists of experts in their field, including ex-captains and engineers, with proven long-term experience in the superyacht industry. In addition to their robust professional background our team specializes in a situational approach to requests and demands, enabling them to deliver optimum results with maximum efficiency in all aspects of yacht management.




We treat our clients’ yachts as if they were our own. We work for you.

Our team ensures each yacht operates cost effectively and efficiently, while fostering excellent relations with the captains and crews. We support and complement the captain and do not micro-manage since this is only counter-productive. At IYC we strongly believe in the value of teamwork. Our Yacht Management team works closely with our other internal teams including sales, chartering, insurance, agency services and crew placement. This enables us to have excellent insight into the overall operational requirements of each yacht, while also leveraging our strong connections and expertise in the industry. 


Our Management offering is always tailored to the individual client; there is no one-size-fits-all package. We understand that no owner, yacht, or program, are the same. We are always on hand to help, with a fast response time. With a flexible client-centric focus, IYC Management delivers a personal service and will quickly gain an in-depth understanding of your yacht and its requirements.


IYC can draw on our vast resource pool to provide unrivalled support for our management clients. This includes our proprietary management software BLUE; our global network of offices and staff; and longstanding relationships with leading underwriters, Flag and Class, maritime attorneys and aviation & estate brokers/management.


The IYC Management team monitors all yachts under management in real time through our Fleet Operations Center from our office in the yachting hub of Fort Lauderdale. The Fleet Operations Center is modelled on cruise line and emergency response systems and has many benefits including real-time compliance, real-time knowledge and round-the-clock support.


Here is an overview of all the key services IYC Management can offer.
We would be delighted to put together a bespoke management proposal for your yacht.


With hundreds of regulations, staying on top of the huge variety of compliance requirements is time-consuming and can sometimes be overwhelming. Rules and regulations are enforced by flag and class and incorrect management or insufficient compliance can have serious consequences.

We oversee the complex compliance regulations, ensuring worry-free operations for your yacht. Our team liaises with flag and class organizations, closely monitors regulations in all cruising grounds and provides direct support for the captain and crew to ensure the yacht is always compliant and paperwork is up to date.

There are many benefits to your vessel using IYC Compliance Management services. These include smoother audits and surveys, detailed survey preparation, reduced liability for compliance and crew legal claims, and a much lower chance of detention/delays by authorities.

Above all, we dramatically simplify compliance and ensure that the yacht is never held up by surveys or inspections.


IYC’s technical management support covers all aspects of a yacht’s technical operations – whether day-to-day queries, shipyard planning, or new construction. This includes reviewing new construction and refit specs and assisting with negotiating contracts (including shipyard, dockside and warranty), always while focusing on securing as many savings for the client as possible. Throughout this process, we are able to draw on our resource network of technical expertise, including the co-ordination of emergency logistics where needed.

Benefits include:


By working with a large number of partner vendors, we can secure significant discounts and will manage all negotiations. We will also ensure that yacht downtime is kept to a minimum, ensuring your vessel is out of action as little as possible.


Using a management expert ensures that all projects run smoothly and quickly, delivering exceptional project supervision for less than the cost of a project manager. We can draw on the broad knowledge of our pool of experts and will come up with creative and cost-effective solutions to any challenge.

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Good financial management should mean no surprises. We ensure transparency and clarity at all times, providing clear monthly, quarterly and annual budgets. Our services include the analysis of expenditure and any budget variances, and we ensure control over all outgoings and spend requests.

As with all our management offerings, this service is customized to the individual owner, ensuring tailored ‘corporate’ financial reporting. Detailed budgets mean that owners can be confident in how their yacht is being operated. We will make sure your yacht is run efficiently, cost-effectively and in a business-like manner.


IYC’s Crew Management division removes the complications that inevitably come from the day-to-day management of a crewed yacht. Having dedicated and impartial crew support is beneficial to both the owner and to the crew. Our team handles everything seamlessly, looking after all crew-related logistics.

Services we provide include the management of taxes, compliance and crew medical liabilities, as well as all logistics, repatriation and vacation requirements. We also handle any complaint procedures and all employment contracts, ensuring that all paperwork is up to date and legal. The benefits of our Crew Management division are many, including taking over the headache of time-consuming payroll demands and ensuring zero owner liability for crew compliance.


What is BLUE?

IYC’s proprietary software BLUE seamlessly ties all our yacht management operations together. BLUE was developed in-house to be a market-leading yacht support software, and is 100% exclusive to IYC.

Our team’s decades of personal experience commanding and operating yachts is what drove us to develop BLUE to be a must-have system. Ease of use and simplicity of function make BLUE the premier choice for crew, safety, and document management. 

What are the benefits of BLUE?

Fully customized to yachting, BLUE makes life on board simple. With several layers of intelligence, it automates administrative tasks and compliance requirements, operating as a ‘virtual yacht manager.’ Use of the software removes the risk of human error, increasing peace of mind for all.

BLUE has proved popular with owners and crew alike. It increases efficiency, is extremely straight-forward to use (with a phone app for on-the-go use) and ensures compliance.


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