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building a brand new yacht

Building a custom yacht is a major project that requires close supervision, high attention to detail and strong connections with shipyards, designers and contractors in the industry. When you choose to work with IYC on a new build superyacht, you are in good hands.

IYC employs a team of experts across all fields, including Naval Architects, Marine Engineers and Technical Managers with an excess of 30 years of experience in new builds.

Your IYC project manager will work closely with the owner throughout the New Build process, acting as a liaison between all parties involved, to ensure efficiency, adherence to the specification and the yacht’s timely delivery.

From the very start, we will help put the yacht vision into a brief, select the right shipyard and negotiate favourable contract terms. Clients may have a particular yard in mind, or we can suggest a short list based on key requirements. We will also work closely with the selected design team to make sure design proposals meet the vision.

Our team of experts will provide technical consultation throughout the construction phase until the completion of the delivery sea trials. Even after the yacht is delivered, our team will be available to coordinate the execution of the necessary guarantee works, always keeping in mind the yacht owner’s best interests.


the new build process

working with you throughout the new build process

From design to delivery, the IYC team will work closely with you through every step of the new build process, to make sure it is efficient, cost effective and according to your exact preferences.

the concept

Our team of experts will help you articulate your vision and put together a comprehensive and thorough brief to create your yacht. Our team’s insights regarding the vessel’s technical and operational requirements, as well as its market potential, will help you better identify what it is you are looking for and what features to include, depending on the intended use of the yacht.


Our Yacht Consultants have strong relationships with the world’s top shipyards. IYC will provide valuable insight and help you evaluate the different shipyard options in order to select the one that will best satisfy the requirements for your new build project. Browse our comprehensive guide to leading shipyards below.


As soon as the shipyard has been selected, we will assist you throughout the negotiations and contract phase. As this phase is the most critical step for a successful project, the IYC new build team will provide feedback on the specifications, the general arrangement and the contract. Key contractual elements, such as budget allowances, noise and vibration levels, delays, penalties and more, will be diligently negotiated with the shipyard.


Working closely with your selected design team, IYC will make sure all yacht design proposals are in line with your vision, functional for everyday life at sea, and in line with specifications and maritime regulations. If you do not have a designer in mind, we can work with you and the yard to suggest a shortlist.


Your IYC Project Management Team will be available around the clock throughout the construction of your new build project, acting as a liaison with the shipyard, designers, naval architects and all other parties involved. Our goal is to ensure the process is efficient, cost-effective and according to your preferences, ensuring no surprises. We will closely monitor the project, making sure timelines are met and help resolve any challenges that may arise.


Before the yacht is delivered, our team of experts will attend the yacht’s sea trials, a critical step before the completion of the new build project. During the sea trials, our team’s meticulous attention to detail will find any technical issues that need to be addressed or fine tunings that need to be made before delivering your yacht in the best working condition.


Once construction is complete it is time to enjoy your yacht. But, even after the yacht is delivered, your project manager will be available to coordinate the necessary guarantee works always securing the yacht owner’s best interests.


the latest trends in new building


There is growing hype around Explorer Yachts, as owners get more and more adventurous with where they want to take their yacht, although this has largely been connected to the often rugged design of the vessel as opposed to the actual exploration capabilities. Shipyards have increasingly been investing in developing true adventure yachts. These superyachts do not just look like they can go anywhere, but are actually built to go anywhere, efficiently operating as an exploration vessel.

A true adventure yacht is characterised by a steel ice class hull, extensive range, large and sufficient tenders and toys, expansive storage rooms and space to accommodate additional exploration staff. I Nova is an excellent example of an explorer yacht that combines vast volume, luxury and comfort with impeccable engineering required of a genuine world cruiser.


Traditionally, motor yachts have a planing, displacement or semi-displacement hull. Van Oossanen Naval Architects have been pioneers in this aspect with the development of the Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF). The FDHF is efficient over the entire speed range and not only in a restricted speed interval around top speed. Heesen was the first superyacht builder to introduce the Fast Displacement Hull Form, however shipyards like Benetti, Rossi Navi, Overmarine and Alia Yachts are now also building fast displacement yachts.


The market segment for very fast yachts suffered heavily during the 2007 Global Financial Crisis because of the high running and operating costs of these yachts. However, it seems that fast yachts are indeed popular again – perfect for moving quickly between destinations and enjoy thrilling speeds. Just some notable examples include the 70 metre Galactica Super Nova recently delivered by Heesen Yachts which can reach a top speed of almost 30 knots, as well as the Benetti Fast Displacement series. Mangusta, one of the most well known fast yachts brands, also continues to invest in its range of yachts, offering more and more choice for buyers.


Hybrid propulsion systems are slowly gaining momentum with the technology constantly improving and a growing desire for lower-impact yachting. The delivery of the 84 metre Feadship Savannah sparked a lot of interest in hybrid propulsion, but on a smaller scale we also saw the Columbus 40S and the Sanlorenzo 106 with hybrid propulsion systems. What is also interesting to note is that shipyards who build on speculation, and thus who have to anticipate what clients want in the next three years, have also adopted hybrid propulsion. There is no doubt that this is a trend that will continue to rise as owners, and yards, look to invest in ‘green’ technologies.

For expert advice on trends and buying themes, talk to our team today. We will be only too happy to walk you through all the latest market trends and evolutions.



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