Our Approach

We provide forward-thinking advice, insight and support to yacht owners, buyers, charterers and crew worldwide. Our focus is on leading the industry and giving new meaning to the words client–centric. By specializing in honest and candid market insight, we empower our clients’ decision making.

It’s your company

A yachting lifestyle is unlike anything else; it is the finest experience of being at sea that one can achieve. Our mission is to ensure your time enjoying the yacht is maximized while reducing paperwork and administrative hassles for our clients.


IYC is built on the strengths of our combined experience and approach. We deliver the finest yachts and yacht services with intuitive management, clever marketing and solid operational support worldwide.


With IYC on board, we give you the freedom to focus on the more important things in life.

Owning a superyacht should be the best lifestyle investment you ever make—choosing the right advisors can make a huge difference.

Choose an experienced yacht company.

Our services to yacht owners include yacht management, charter management, marketing agency services, crew management, and new build consultation. In everything we do, our approach puts informed decision-making at your fingertips. It’s your choice. We help you make the right one.

A new type of broker

Every yacht has its own unique character. Our Yacht Consultants understand that. We provide our yachting expertise in the form of considered strategic proposals based on genuine market insight, which position each yacht effectively. Our goal is to attract the right buyer at the right price.

worldwide presence

We offer dedicated and knowledgeable support to clients from our 13 strategically located offices in the world’s most prominent yachting destinations.

a fresh approach to marketing

Our detailed marketing plans are designed to raise the profile of your yacht in a fresh and dynamic way, and without simply following the herd and resorting to conventional marketing channels that are increasingly ineffective.

transparent charter & management services

While maximizing charter potential, we never lose sight of the priority of your ownership experience. Our Yacht Consultants take care of all contracts and negotiations with charter clients, while ensuring that the yacht is available and in perfect condition whenever you wish to step aboard. As a key part of your team, we ensure transparent, 24/7 support for you, the captain and the crew. Our attention to all managerial, technical and regulatory details minimizes downtime and ensures smooth operations.

yacht construction

Commissioning a new build superyacht is the ultimate expression of your experience and success. A unique environment designed around you, your family and your lifestyle. Anything is possible when you build your own personal yacht.

We offer detailed market insight to help you make the right choices, from designer to shipyard. Our Yacht Consultants’ strategic approach and candid advice ensure you stay informed and in control throughout the process, with IYC at your side as a neutral and qualified liaison.