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Many owners have a growing thirst for adventure and a desire to see the world and one of the most popular style of yachts today is the explorer yacht or expedition yacht, designed for longer trips or expeditions across the seas. With all the benefits and volume of a motor yacht – and then some! – expedition yachts combine stability and performance with high luxury styling and comfort, making them the ultimate platform for the adventurous at heart. While once expedition yachts were a rarity, today they are proving more and more in demand with a range of exciting designs in the fleet and several expedition yachts for sale and in build.

Explorer yachts boast robust hulls, capable of moving effortlessly through all waters and conditions, and are as at home in icy waters as they are anchored off a remote island, or moored up in a bustling city. Long range capabilities ensure they are able to undertake extended cruising and visit even the most remote destinations, allowing you to go where no yacht has gone before or explore without any other yachts in sight. Many will have Ice-Classed hulls, allowing them to easily cruise through tough, icy waters.

Appealing for those planning an extended itinerary, or for roaming off the beaten track, explorer yachts come with extensive storage and cleverly designed spaces on board, ensuring plenty of room for supplies, toys and equipment. 78m explorer yacht Legend’s famous collection of toys even includes snowmobiles and a three-person submarine! Designed with longer trips in mind, guest spaces on expedition yachts are usually varied and plentiful ensuring that there are a multitude of different spaces with plenty of opportunity for privacy and retreat.

Picture coming straight from a dive on a remote reef, enjoying a massage in your yacht’s private spa before relaxing on deck in the sunshine. Or travelling across icy plains by snowmobile, spotting native animals and sealife, before returning to your welcoming yacht to enjoy a warm hot chocolate. If you can dream your adventure, an explorer yacht can take you there.

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