Semi-Displacement Yachts

Combining the best elements of planing and displacement yachts, a semi-displacement yacht combines good speeds with stability and generous spaces. Gone are the days when you had to choose between sailing the open ocean searching for remote islands, and mooring up in bustling hubs to indulge your hedonistic side! If you want the best of both worlds then a semi-displacement yacht is for you.

Capable of crossing oceans, yet comfortable at anchor, and high performance at both fast and slow cruising speeds, a semi-displacement yacht means you needn’t choose between a displacement and open/performance yacht! The rounded hull of this style of yacht offers considerable storage, while the standard design incorporates flatter sections to decrease drag to make cruising at higher speeds more efficient, and eliminate the roll of a displacement hull.

There may be no better way to relax than cruising the open oceans in the utmost of luxury – lazy days spent soaking up the sun on the deck and sipping cocktails in the fresh ocean air. Although suited to coastal cruising, the nautical range of these yachts mean that they are also comfortable travelling to remote destinations, as trans-Pacific or trans-Atlantic crossings are a possibility, and feature the storage options necessary for longer trips. When you have topped up your tan and recharged your batteries, head to a bustling port – your yacht will be just as comfortable at anchor as on the open water, and the hull design allows you to pick up the speed to get into port safely if required.

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Semi-Displacement Yachts for sale