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Ferretti is a yacht builder that has always been at the forefront of innovation, focused on and high end performance and functionality with great value. Their thought-provoking, crafted designs offer comfort at a high standard, all while integrating the latest improvements in yachting technology. Some of Ferretti’s signature design features that allow the company to stand out above the competition include the window between the saloon and cockpit, the underwater discharge and the unique Ferretti trim and drag reduction systems.

The company has also innovated other features for yachting such as air bags for anchor chains, better monitoring systems, professional control systems and higher standard hull windows. These are just a few great features that Ferretti has introduced to yachting innovation as they continue to evolve, producing some of the best yachts in their class that you can find in the world.

History of Ferretti Group and Ferretti Yachts

The Ferretti group history started in Italy in 1968 when they started as a boat distribution company created by other brands of popular boats. It wasn’t until 3 years later when Ferretti created its first motor sailing yacht. In the 1980s, the company started to focus purely on motoryacht manufacturing, something that was inspired their growth and innovation for decases to come.

There are multiple companies that are part of the Ferretti Group. The Ferretti Group now includes the likes of CRN, Mochi Craft, Riva and Itama among others. Until 1975 the company was primarily a distributor for sail and motorboats, but it was at this time when they realized their real potential in the nautical world. From that point, Ferretti’s goal was to offer the best, most accessible and refined yachting experience on the market. As a result, the company continually pushed the boundaries of innovation and boating. When Ferretti introduced its first line of boats to the market, they were able to offer the most pleasurable sail accompanied by the best technological features and security.

Yacht Models and Design

Ferretti has designed and developed hundreds of different boat models throughout the years. Some of their most popular models include: Ferretti 450, Ferretti 550, Ferretti 650, Ferretti Altura 840 and Ferretti 870 or Ferretti 960. They are such popular models because they best resemble the quality and excellence that the company has promised to deliver throughout the years.

Ferretti yachts integrate all the latest technologies so all new boat models are in sync to the latest digital and internet technologies, luxury flooring and high-quality materials. These popular models also offer large windows, air conditioning systems and stabilization systems to improve your overall experience. When it comes to performance, the engine power and its ease of maintenance has increased exponentially. By offering one-of-a-kind performance and easy maintenance, Ferretti is able to deliver an excellent value to all its customers.

From the optimized interior design to the easy steering, added security and extra comfort, the Ferretti yachts for sale offer all the features that one might expect from such a boat. If you want excellent results with value, contact an IYC Sales or Charter consultant to learn more about Ferretti Yachts today.


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