ISA Yachts

isa yachts

Founded right at the start of the twenty-first century, ISA Yachts has grown extensively over the past ten years. Setting up a facility of 538,195 square feet of shipyard and office space, ISA has launched 28-plus yachts since 2001, surviving even through the economic crisis during their first decade of operation. Part of ISA’s strength lies in their concentration on customization, with their tailor made strategy giving them a competitive advantage. Their focus on attention to detail is primarily made possible through a highly skilled team of craftsmen, engineers, technicians, designers, and more. This allows Isa to work to the maximum pace and produce high quality yachts for its customers according to their own vision. Combining care and attentiveness ISA Yachts managed to be a shipbuilder you may want to watch out either for the sales or charter market.


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