Maiora Yachts

maiora Yachts

Maiora is one of the biggest brands in the yachting industry. Maiora yachts are constructed in Massa and Viareggio in Italy and its four factories are located in Versilla. After several years in the industry the company also offers full maintenance and storage services, allowing the company to be in close contact with its clients even after the sale has been completed.

The company was established in the early 1970s and was a pioneer of fiberglass yacht manufacturing in the industry. After approximately ten years of collaboration, in 1985 the FIPA shipyard acquired the company further boosting the Maiora brand. The high level of quality and service is what makes this shipbuilder one of the strongest assets in the market today.



clean and timeless lines

Maiora manufactures semi-custom yachts built in fiberglass from 60 to 165 feet offering comfortable interior spacing and ample areas for entertainment onboard. The yachts perfectly combine clean and timeless lines, a design element that has left its marks on the yachting industry.


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