Experience the Virgin Islands



Arrive at Beef Island Airport on Tortola. Before rushing off, you might visit Trellis Bay, a quaint collection of shops, galleries and bars that provides a welcoming experience for newcomers to the B.V.I. Your yacht will take you to White Bay on Guana Island, a secluded anchorage with several snorkeling options, although going ashore is prohibited. If you’re into aquatic life, have the captain use the underwater lights to watch the huge tarpon feed in the evening. If you are an avid hiker, you can undertake a challenging hike through rainforest up Sage Mountain, a great spot for bird watching, or gazing out over Tortola and the nearby islands.



From White Bay, you pass Great Camanoe to visit Norman Island. The trip takes one to two hours, but there are several good spots to stop for lunch and a dive off Pelican Island and the Indians just outside The Bight. You’re also very close to the south drop, so fishermen can flex their casting arms.

After leaving White Bay pass by the small island of Great Camanoe to visit Norman Island. It is an easy trip of a few hours, with ample choice for spots to enjoy some lunch. Make the most of the warm waters with a swim and some diving in the beautiful spots off Pelican Island and the Indians. Close to the south drop keen fisherman can all enjoy some fishing time and fresh fish for dinner.



Time for some onshore pampering at the Peter Island Yacht Club, located inside beautiful Sprat Bray. Enjoy a leisurely walk along the sand to one of the Island’s many beaches. Divers might want to take advantage of the nearby wreck of the RMS Rhone. Enjoy authentic Caribbean food for dinner at one of the Island’s excellent restaurants.



Wave goodbye to Peter Island and head for the striking landmark The Baths, found at Virgin Gorda. The unique grouping of boulders along the water will make an unforgettable memory. Following the boulders will lead you to a bar and restaurant complete with undisturbed views across the ocean. Anchor overnight in the tranquility of the North Sound where you will be spoilt for choice on where to go ashore. Your choices include the well-known Yacht Club Smeralda, Oil Nut Bay and the Biras Creek Resort, with many activities on offer including a pampering session at a world class spa or another delicious meal.



Make the most of your time in the North Sound – a huge protected body of water Again there are plenty of options for on shore activities and shore options abound with about a half-dozen bars and restaurants that are dinghy accessible including the world famous Bitter Yacht Club.



At Jost Van Dyke, the smallest of the islands in the BVI, anchor up at the Great Habour or dock up at the well known restaurant Foxy’s Taboo. More incredible diving spots are close by, especially on Mercurius Rock, located between Tobago Island and Jost Van Dyke, you’ll either anchor in Great Harbour or go to the dock at the famous Foxy’s Taboo. Ask your crew to prepare you a picnic to take ashore and enjoy from the white sands of one of the countless beaches.

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