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IYC: The First Company In The World To Introduce Artificial Intelligence To Yacht Management

IYC: The First Company In The World To Introduce Artificial Intelligence To Yacht Management

17th July 2023

IYC’s proprietary software BLUE seamlessly ties all our Yacht Management operations together. BLUE was developed in-house to be a market-leading yacht support software, and is 100% exclusive to IYC. Our team’s decades of personal experience commanding and operating yachts is what drove us to develop BLUE to be a must-have system. Ease of use and simplicity of function make BLUE the premier choice for crew management, safety and compliance, and technical support. 

With BLUE, you will be acquainted with Anna, our AI Yacht Manager. She guides crew, owners, and managers by handling administrative tasks, compliance requirements, operating as a ‘virtual yacht manager’ ensuring increased safety on board. 

Below we get insights from Global Yacht Management Director, Celine Robins, and understand just how significant the invention and use of BLUE is for the industry, be it for staff and crew to owners alike.

BLUE streamlines life onboard. With several layers of intelligence, BLUE automates administrative tasks and compliance requirements, operating as a ‘virtual yacht manager’ ensuring increased safety on board. 

BLUE has proved popular with owners and crew alike as it increases efficiency, is extremely straight-forward to use (with a phone app for on-the-go use) and ensures compliance.


We asked Celine why BLUE is significant for the industry? For IYC? For Clients? 

“This is the first time in the world that artificial intelligence is brought into the yachting industry and to yacht management. That is extremely revolutionary. Artificial intelligence is going to reshape our world. It has started already, and it's going to more and more. Historically, society has gone through many steps including industrialization, the web, etc. Every one of these steps has created a new world and we adapt. Today we are pioneers as no one in yacht management has taken this step yet. The roles we need and offer are being reshaped as well as the positions of the crew and their duties. 

Blue 2

For IYC, there is a reduction in the cost of employees and no more human errors. My teams get thanked all the time for our level of responsiveness, but this is not us… it’s the machine. Let’s say a Captain wants to hire someone, with BLUE, they put into the system what they are looking for and within minutes, everything is done for them. The new crew is added to the insurance, their contract is generated… everything is done in seconds. With this system in place, the Captain’s time is not taken up by administrative work and he can focus on what he needs to do, which is keep the guests safe and entertained. These guests are then more likely to be satisfied and turn into repeat clients for the vessel. 

The Owner benefits from this too. If all the services and checks have been done on time, the Owner saves a lot of money as BLUE will have tremendously reduced the amount of potential breakdowns with its preventative maintenance. As a result, there is considerably less unexpected maintenance to account for. If all checks and services are completed in time, a yacht ten years down the line will look like a three year old boat which will retain the yacht’s value for much longer.”

With BLUE, the future is bright. As the software continues to grow and AI increases its foothold in our everyday lives, the sky’s the limit with further solutions our virtual assistant will be able to provide. 

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