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Monaco Yacht Show 2023

IYC has increased its presence at this year's Monaco Yacht Show with a new space dedicated to clients and partners. The Lounge by IYC, by invitation only, will be host to a variety of events throughout the four days as well as act as a venue for winding down, networking, and entertaining.

IYC, together with select partners, will host a variety of events over the four days for clients, partners, and press in our exclusive Client Lounge. From seminars to wine tastings, and cocktail soirées, there will be much to be enjoyed in this unique space. To keep up to date with the events, register your interest by emailing 



Neal Jones Furniture specializes in luxury bespoke, semi-custom marine, and residential furniture. Crafting furniture in the United Kingdom for a huge range of well-known and high-profile clients, NJF prides itself on creating the utmost quality and luxurious furniture, inside and outside, with a worldwide and established reputation.



Common Seas is a social enterprise tackling the plastic pollution crisis by driving new policy, investing in the circular economy and catalysing a cultural shift in how we make, use and dispose of plastic. Their mission is to quickly and significantly reduce the amount of plastic produced and stop it polluting our rivers and seas.



The leading provider for premium bio-preserved flower arrangements in the yachting industry. With over 16 years of combined experience in the yachting industry, co-founders Loreta Cazacu and Karolina Szczytowska identified the inconvenience and detriment of weekly deliveries of fresh-cut flowers. Having worked in yacht management and charter brokerage as well as on board as stewardess for 8 years, both identified a need in the yachting industry for a longer lasting, sustainable flower alternative after witnessing waste associated with fresh flowers in yachting, as well as the logistics and costs of having weekly fresh flower deliveries organized during peak season. STILLA offer a large variety of products, including eternal dahlias, orchids, chrysanthemum, lilies, anthurium, foliage, as well as a bio-preserved plant line, called BOTANICALS 365, that features exquisite trees, plants and palm trees that last for years on end.


Global Wine Solutions (GWS)

GWS' specialist team source and deliver the world’s finest and most sought-after wines and spirits to luxury yachts and their owners worldwide. Everything comes from quality, traceable cellars and is assured to arrive in perfect condition.

J CRAFT_1600X900


The essence of boating is the pursuit of passion. As with all matters of the heart, this extraordinary pursuit is uniquely individual and forms the core of the J Craft DNA. Seamlessly blending cutting edge technology with timeless styling, each J Craft empowers the individual to live in the moment and experience pure boating pleasure. Designed for discerning individuals, each J Craft is an extension of a distinctive lifestyle, where substance and style are uncompromised. J Craft combines classic style and glamour with cutting edge technology, power and contemporary convenience: a finely balanced blend of old and new, where form and function are of equal importance.



Since 1921, Foglizzo’s reputation has been founded on the design and development of high-quality leathers for clients who require exclusivity and individual customisation. Heir to the best Italian traditions, over three generations Foglizzo has been driven by a culture of excellence and guided by artisanal know-how, innovative technical skills and the ability to understand their customers’ needs.Foglizzo’s mission is to develop highly customised products for discerning clients who appreciate the authentic characteristics and unique qualities of leather.



Tequila Komos is the category redefining line of ultra-luxury tequilas available in three expressions: Reposado Rosa, Añejo Cristalino, and Extra Añejo. Tasting Panel Magazine rated Komos the highest-rated tequila portfolio ever, including the first 100-point score ever. Komos is distributed throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and is the flagship brand from parent company CKBG (Casa Komos Brands Group).


Better Than Reality

Better Than Reality was created by a group of elite military and intelligence operatives who imagined offering the world’s most exclusive clientele the opportunity to experience the fear, adrenaline rush, and sense of accomplishment associated with real world clandestine operations behind enemy lines. Collectively, they have over 140 years of real-world clandestine, intelligence, and special operations experience conducting border crossings, ambushes, recruiting and handling spies, covert operations, interrogations, cyber operations, helicopter insertions, counterintelligence operations, counterterrorism operations, and extractions. Their extended network of BTR associate intelligence and paramilitary operatives spans the globe covering Asia, Africa, Europe, North & South America & the Middle East.

OCEAN R_1600X900


We are a diverse group of highly skilled people, who have come together from all over the world to help make a positive change to our oceans. Through our sustainable products and services, we hope to inspire and enable others to live more eco-conscious lives. OceanR is on a mission to reclaim our oceans by removing as much of this plastic as they can and recycling it into something new: eye-catching, boldly designed clothing and product ranges for businesses and consumers. Their ranges are custom designed in-house using eco-friendly materials and plastic free packaging.



Headquartered in Monaco, Lanéva is a technology firm at the forefront of designing, integrating, and marketing 100% electric powertrain systems for boats. Lanéva’s expertise is anchored in over five years of designing and crafting Vesper, our flagship 100% electric vessel, which has sailed the iconic waters of Monaco, St. Tropez, Geneva, Zurich, and Venice. Drawing from this experience, they have now engineered industrialised and certified retrofit kits. Their vision is to be the icon of zero-emission boating for both private and professional markets.



Your BMW is already here. BMW Store Monaco has a limited stock of new cars for a limited time. Whether you're looking for an SUV, sedan, compact or sports car, you're sure to find what you're looking for. Our sales teams will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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