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On The Rise: The Top Three Technology Trends of 2023

On The Rise: The Top Three Technology Trends of 2023

27th January 2023

The latest developments in onboard technology aim to streamline and enhance the yacht owner experience. Here, we look at the top three trends making the biggest impact in 2023.


One of the biggest appeals of a superyacht charter is the chance to get away from it all. But for those who wish to stay connected while exploring the farthest flung corners of the globe, a reliable and fast internet service is a must. That’s where satellite technology comes into play, with certain companies offering worldwide seamless access, night and day.

Whether it’s that all-important Monday morning virtual board meeting that simply can’t be avoided, or the desire to relax with the family on a Sunday and catch that unmissable NFL game, great connectivity is critical. Seamless connectivity gives clients access to all the latest VSAT and 4G/5G data hardware, which offer breakneck internet speeds at sea. 

Providers include Elon Musk’s Starlink Maritime, which from 2023 will allow yachts to connect to a high-quality internet connection from even the most remote anchorages via the Starlink satellite network. Then there’s MIMO Connect, founded by a team of yachting experts. It provides clients with a dedicated 24/7 Yacht NOC (direct technical support line) to assist with urgent matters, and VSAT connectivity in the most challenging of locations.

Starlit movie nights, watching the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix live or streaming a favorite playlist while in the aft deck jacuzzi are all details that help to bring a superyacht charter to life. And they all rely on a fast, integrated service that doesn’t cost the Earth.



Having smart yachts with convenient technology at their fingertips is something that most owners desire. And yet, having an interior in which all the necessary cables, switches and sockets are on display is not. Enter the need for invisible interfaces, that pairs touch control accessibility with elegant design.

Television screens are often the largest unsightly object that needs to be addressed. Some owners want one in every room, but few want them displayed when not in use. Blended screens that display artworks, photographs and NFTs when on standby offer a clever disguise, while projectors and cinema screens, which are much larger, can drop down from ceilings or rise from furniture or decks. 

Dutch company Van Berge Henegouwen are leading the charge in these types of technology, while Samsung’s The Wall takes home entertainment one step further, transforming an entire space with a living digital wall of immaculate quality. The super-sized bespoke display is built made-to-measure for any space, turning beach clubs into night clubs, or transporting dinner guests to a French château wine cellar.



Even the most seasoned sailors suffer from the occasional bout of seasickness when crossing rough waters, which means active stabilization systems are usually considered a non-negotiable prerequisite. As stabilizer technology continues to develop – from fins and gyros to interceptors – it remains one of the most important technological advancements to ensure guests enjoy that luxury yachting experience. 

Even the largest yachts are affected by ocean swell, which is why manufacturers, such as Dynamic Marine Systems and Quantum, are continually developing new ways for all types and sizes of yacht to mitigate roll at anchor by up to 80%, reduce pitch when cruising between destinations, and improve all-round comfort. Being able to choose the most direct route without worrying about calm seas helps to keep fuel consumption to a minimum.

For owners looking to make the most of charter opportunities, especially when cruising itineraries require the yacht to tackle transatlantic crossings, stabilizers are even more essential. The technology prevents bad weather making long ocean passages – often undertaken overnight – uncomfortable. When at anchor, stabilizers heighten guests experience of long lingering lunches. It’s the must-have technology that any yacht making a splash in 2023 will almost certainly be kitted out with.

Whether experienced yacht owners or first-time buyers, knowing and planning for all your needs at sea can be a truly daunting task. That’s why at IYC, our expert team of international brokers and advisors guide clients on the choices best suited to them. They keep abreast of all the latest technological advances on the global market, so that when you next think up your dream piece of technology, we know exactly where to begin.

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