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Red Sea Yacht Charter

Red Sea Yacht Charter Guide

Above all things, the Red Sea region is famed for world-class diving, with over 2000 kilometers of thriving reef stretching along its coastline. This underwater wonderland is home to a rich and biodiverse ecosystem, with rays, octopus, turtles, and over a thousand species of fish living amongst a kaleidoscope of corals. Enjoy unique access to the myriad of reefs, blue holes, atolls, wrecks, and lagoons whilst exploring the region on a superyacht charter. Weeks could be spent in this vivid blue ocean, but the surrounding desert landscape has plenty to offer too. Towering mountains of yellow and red hide a rich history, with glimpses of the past seen in fortresses, oases, abandoned villages, and archaeological sites. Explore the area with a camel safari or 4X4 tour, and if you crave yet more culture, take a short flight to the iconic Egyptian sites of the Valley of the Kings and the Pyramids of Giza. Rejuvenate by soaking in the Red Sea’s salty waters, enjoying treatments in one of the region's excellent spa retreats, or party the night away in some of Sharm el Sheiks' exclusive bars. Find a private paradise on one of the many uninhabited islands or catch a fresh tuna from your tender.

With the perfect balance of culture, adventure, relaxation, beach life, nature, and water sports on offer, a visit to the Red Sea is guaranteed to offer all who visit something truly memorable.

Best Time To Visit: The sun shines all year in the Red Sea, with the most pleasant weather between October and April.

Key Cruising Areas: Starting in the yachting hub of Hurghada, cruise north towards the Southern Sinai region, incorporating Tiran Island, Ras Mohamed National Park, and Sharm el Sheik before continuing on to the Gulf of Aqaba.

Don’t Miss: The diving. The Red Sea has so many world-class dive sites that the difficulty is choosing which to visit. Take on the maze of underwater mountains found at ‘Devil’s Head’ or admire the marine life at the ‘Aquarium’.

Best Spots for Wining and Dining: Sharm el Sheik offers the greatest range of fine dining options and upmarket bars, but for the ultimate dining experience, spend the afternoon fishing for your own dinner. Then enjoy the fruits of your labor with an alfresco meal on the deck of your superyacht, accompanied by a crisp glass of white wine.

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Best Local Dish: The spiny lobster caught fresh from the Red Sea, which is particularly delicious when barbecued over coals.

Local Culture: When cruising the Gulf of Aqaba, venture into the Ras Abu Gallum Protectorate, where Bedouin of the Mizena tribe have lived and fished for centuries. Take a camel safari with a Bedouin guide into the area’s spectacular mountain ranges to learn more about their culture, including a stop at the now deserted village of Bir El Oghda.

Best Beach: The best beaches can be found on small islands dotted throughout the Red Sea, including the uninhabited Giftun El Saghir.

IYC recommends: Visiting the ancient fortress of Salah El-Din (Saladin) on Pharaoh Island before snorkeling in its shallow waters. This island citadel has a fascinating history and offers spectacular views of the coasts of Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

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