Our Team

Karina Mikheeva

Marketing Communications Russia

+41 767 611 163

Karina has more than 10 years of experience in marketing communications. She began her career at international marketing agencies JWT and R.I.M Porter Novelli. She then moved on to work for the Russian Petrochemical Sector. She was responsible for the overall corporate branding strategy and provided marketing communications to support management initiatives. In her daily routine, she worked on finding marketing solutions for business challenge, focusing on identifying the best channels to speak with the company’s audiences. Karina has managed all aspects of branding, strategy, media and public relations, advertising and events – from development to implementation. Her career has been characterized by passion and the ability to deliver results. She graduated with honors as Public Relations Specialist. Karina is a Russian native,  born in Siberia. Today she lives in Switzerland with her husband and daughters. She is open minded, outspoken, optimstic and collaborative.