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8th August 2018

Top 10 dive spots in the Mediterranean

With 90,000km of coastline, rich marine life and diverse corals, the Mediterranean Sea is a world class destination for divers. Beneath the warm turquoise waters a wealth of hidden treasures are waiting to found, from shipwrecks to subtropical wildlife. A superyacht charter in the Mediterranean is the ideal choice for a diving trip with a yacht providing the perfect luxury base for a varied diving itinerary. Your dedicated crew will have expert knowledge of the area and the waters, so you can relax and let yourself be taken to the best spots in Europe to discover the stunning wildlife and underwater landscapes that wait below the glittering seas. As you return hungry from a day of diving and enjoying the sunshine in secluded bay, your personal chef will have prepared a sumptuous Mediterranean feast, after which you can retire to the on-deck Jacuzzi to watch the sunset over the water.
With hundreds of spectacular diving sites around the Mediterranean, we recommend these top ten destinations.

1. Maltese archipelago, Malta, Gozo and Comino.
Off the island of Gozo is the stunning Blue Hole site where beginners and experienced divers alike can marvel at the stunning, coral coated archway, surrounded by shoals of damsel fish, bogue and barracuda. Nearby you will find dolphins, sharks and octopus, or explore further and see if you can find the statue of Madonna.

2. The Dalmatian Coast, Croatia.
Sparkling clear waters, high visibility and quiet seas make a perfect diving destination. Experience the unrivalled variety of fish, nudibranchs and seahorses, and appreciate the underwater landscapes – sponge covered tumbling limestone cliffs and submerged caves drenched in colour.

3. Iraklia, Greece
After sampling a traditional Greek coffee and baklava, head to Alimia beach. Enjoy the crystal clear water and dive to find the German hydroplane that sank during World War II. Explore the reefs, which are rich in colourful marine life.

4. Stintino, Sardinia, Italy.
The clear waters of Sardinia hide a maze of underwater caves, cliffs and tunnels. Visit Stintino to admire the shoals of beautiful coloured fish then sail to Costa Paradiso, La Maddalena or Isola Rossa to drift through a myriad of submerged caverns, under the watchful eye of the local morays.

5. MS Zenobia, Cyprus.
Consistently voted as one of the top wrecks in the world, you will be awed by diving MS Zenobia, known as The Zen, which sunk on her maiden voyage in 1980. Just off the craggy Larnaca Coastline, swim throughs and moray eels can be found winding through The Zen, with options for all levels of diver. Sit in the cabin of cars and trucks that still sit on the ferry, while more experienced divers can descend to 42m, to look back along the 178m where she lies silent, sunken into the sea bed.

6. Azores, Portugal.
For many divers nothing will compare to the humbling experience of being in the presence of true pelagic beasts. The volcanic Azores provides a perfect opportunity for this, with sunfish, humpbacks, beaked whales and turtles throughout the summer. With groups of manta ray will gliding by, and the occasional Mako and hammerhead shark, you really will feel like a visitor in their world.

7. Illes Medes, Spain.
Below the water the protected marine reserve of Iles Medes is an area of unrivalled beauty, teeming with life. Float through large sea grass meadows, surrounded by the floating fruit – the olives of the sea. Search for underwater statues and explore caves and tunnels riddled with windows. At just a few metres you will find eagle rays and curious rockfish peering up at you, maybe even a dolphin or sunfish

8. Cote d’Azur, France.
Steady temperatures and clear waters all year round mean the underwater world of the French Riviera provides at least as much glitter and splendour as above water. Sink into the blue sea and explore the 85,000 square kilometres of marine reserves, filled with cave systems and almost a hundred wrecks. The World Wars have left their mark on the region, providing unique opportunities to explore sunken submarines and destroyers. Dive the famous Empire Flamingo cargo ship, imagining its journey into harbour on D-Day while the abundant fish weave through the barnacled chambers.

9. Dragonisi Island CavernsGreece
Located off the south coast of Mykonos, the uninhabited Dragonisi Island is home to some of the most spectacular natural rock formations in the world. The monumental cavern walls within the azure waters are the result of thousands of years of eroding waves and divers can enjoy the site of yellow sea anemones, glassfish and monk seals if they are lucky.

10. Ustica, Italy.
Jacques Cousteau – the father of diving – once described Ustica as the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean. Known locally as the “Black Pearl” – named for its volcanic rocks – the island boasts underwater cliffs bestowed with unbelievably coloured corals, wrecks surrounded by circling barracuda and deep caverns filled with rare crustaceans, magnificent nudibranchs and gorgonians.

To create your bespoke Mediterranean diving experience today, talk to the IYC charter team. For more information about chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean contact the IYC Charter team. For more information about yachting destinations in the Mediterranean click here.



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