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Mykonos Mega Yachts

Mykonos Yacht Charter Guide

Nestled in the heart of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea, the glamorous island of Mykonos is the quintessential yacht charter destination. Boasting some of Greece’s most beautiful beaches, a plethora of restaurants offering everything from fine-dining to classic tavernas, and an abundance of bars and nightclubs to keep the fun going until the wee hours of the morning, Mykonos is a destination suitable for visitors of all ages and preferences.

The town of Mykonos, also known as Chora, is an idyllic Cycladic village with a maze of narrow streets leading to the sea, built amphitheatrically and boasting its characteristic Cycladic architecture of whitewashed cubic houses with pops of color from their doors and windows. The center of town is pedestrian-only, making the walk through the labyrinthine streets all the more enjoyable.

Exploring Mykonos Town (Chora)

The picturesque village of Mykonos Town (also known as Chora) is a typical Cycladic escape, with its amphitheatrical narrow streets winding down to the sea. Its tranquil roads are lined with classic whitewashed cubic houses, each beautifully framed with bright wooden doors and windows.

The heart of the town is pedestrian-only, further adding to its charm. For those looking for some entertainment, Chora is renowned for its selection of restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, chic boutiques, and jewelry stores. Not to mention, it is home to iconic landmarks such as 16th-century windmills and Little Venice district, which is the perfect spot to take in the gorgeous Mykonos sunset.

Featured Yachts for Charter

Mykonos by day

Mykonos dazzles with its abundance of glittering turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and vibrant beach clubs and restaurants. From the tranquil, family-friendly spots to more lively bars and beach clubs with live music, there's something for everyone. Make sure to reserve a spot in advance to avoid disappointment.

Ornos Bay serves as the perfect anchorage for yachts seeking to explore the idyllic island of Mykonos. Kalo Livadi, Elia beach, Psarrou and Agios Sostis are some of the most breathtaking beaches in the area, with the latter home to Kiki's Taverna, a picturesque restaurant that is definitely worth the wait. Those looking for an all-day celebration should head to Super Paradise for a day of revelry, or to Psarou beach and Nammos Restaurant by the Sea for a delicious lunch that will quickly turn into an afternoon of dancing and partying.

Mykonos by Night

Mykonos is known for its incredible dining options and vibrant nightlife. From traditional Greek cuisine to five-star international restaurants, there is a place to suit everyone’s tastes. Sea Satin Restaurant, located right below the town's windmills, is a great choice for enjoying a traditional Greek dinner and dancing on tables.

For after-dinner activities, visitors can enjoy cozy bars or large dance clubs with world-class DJs that stay open till the early morning hours.

Delos & Rineia

Only a few miles from the bustling beaches of Mykonos lies the tranquil, uninhabited islet of Rineia. Offering a sense of escape, the island is only accessible by boat and boasts stunning sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

For the intrepid traveler, Rineia offers the opportunity to don the mask and flippers and take a dive into the turquoise waters, or wander the island and explore the ancient ruins of the Hellenistic town. For lovers of history, the neighboring island of Delos is a must-see. A boat ride away, Delos is considered the birthplace of Apollo, and home to some of Greece’s most significant archaeological sites.

Best time to visit: The best time of year to visit Mykonos by yacht is from May to October, when the temperatures are warm and the skies are clear.

Key Cruising areas: Mykonos is part of the Cyclades islands that offer beautiful cruising and several islands to explore – the uninhabited island of Rineia is just a short sail away. You can spend your entire charter enjoying the best of Mykonos or use it as a starting point to visit nearby islands including Paros, Antiparos, Naxos or Syros.

Don’t miss: Scorpios, the beach club known for its opulent parties, has become a destination for the international jet set. A day-to-night destination, it boasts an upscale atmosphere and bohemian ambiance, offering guests an all-day dining experience from lunch to dinner and dance music from renowned DJs come nightfall.

Best spots for wining & dining: Kikis Taverna is a traditional Greek restaurant with stunning views of the Gulf of Agios Sostis. Here, visitors can savor traditional Greek recipes, succulent seafood, and flavorful cuts of meat. Enjoy a plate of homemade cuisine while admiring the breathtaking sea views.The restaurant operates electricity-free and closes before the sun sets.

Best Local Dish: Mykonos is known for its creamy, tangy cheese dip called “kopanisti”. It is usually served with freshly-baked bread or pita and can be best enjoyed with a glass of white wine.

Local Culture: Head to Delos for an unforgettable day trip - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this Greek island is sure to astound history lovers with its stunning mosaics and archeological ruins. Home to an array of ancient artifacts, Delos is an incredible example of preservation, as the uninhabitable island has remained unchanged for centuries.

Best Beach: Situated on the southwestern coast of the island Kalo Livadi boasts an idyllic landscape. Its enchanting shoreline and shimmering turquoise waters offer an unparalleled sense of tranquility and relaxation. Its sunbeds are the perfect spot for lounging with a cocktail in hand.

IYC Recommends: Alemagou, located on the golden beach of Ftelia, just a short drive from Mykonos town, is the perfect spot to spend the day. This bohemian beach club and restaurant offers an unparalleled experience, from sunbathing on oversized daybeds to indulging in coconut-shell cocktails and chilled rosé. Enjoy a nourishing massage under the sun, or kick off your shoes and dance until after sunset.

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