Alaska Yacht Charter Guide

Separated from the rest of the US by Canada, Alaska is a State of dramatic landscapes, glaciers and mountains, and abundant wildlife that has thrived in the sparsely populated land. With stunning fjords and glaciers, Alaska is recognised as a premier yachting destination, and by chartering a private yacht you will experience the pristine landscapes in a way that select few can. On a trip filled with unforgettable sights, each day will bring new experiences that can surprise even lifelong residents.

Home to North America’s highest peak, the national parks of Alaska provide a unique habitat for bird and animal life. You are sure to see the iconic Alaskan moose – at the right time of year you may be lucky enough to see a mother and her calf. Cruising through fjords the ice blue glaciers are a humbling sight, the home of polar bears, humpback whales and seals. Taking a yacht means you will experience close up views of the pristine waterfalls and enormous icebergs, where the seals sit to try and catch some warmth from the arctic sun.

A truly impressive destination, your Alaskan cruise can include day trips to visit the national parks, explore the small towns and visit the many museums to learn about the history of this incredible state. Your knowledgeable crew and captain will be able to recommend itineraries and tailor the cruise to your desires, taking you to the most remote and spectacular of places. Such a trip of a lifetime would not be complete without top quality food – your on board chef will prepare excellent meals, using local ingredients including – of course! – fresh Alaskan Salmon.


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Big Fish

147'8"/45.00m / 10 Guests


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