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USA / North America Yacht Charter Guide

The USA is the land of opportunity – and for a charter yacht vacation, the opportunities truly are endless. From ports that have grown in sparkling cities with iconic skylines to rugged wildernesses, hot deserts or tropical islands to snow-capped mountains and glaciers, you can find whatever adventure you crave in North America. Indulge in a gastronomic journey cruising along the east coast, visiting vineyards in the Napa Valley, taco stalls in San Diego and luxurious restaurants in San Francisco. Explore beautiful underwater landscapes snorkelling in the coral reefs of Florida. Walk on glaciers and sail through dramatic fjords in the rugged landscapes of Alaska or visit world-famous landmarks and buzzing cities of the northeast. As well as the almost endless options for coastal sailing, the Northeast is home to the largest inland cruising area of the Great Lakes, full of charming harbors and beautiful anchorages, making these an excellent choice for a USA yacht charter.

Best Time To Visit: Alaska – June to August, New England September and October, the Southeast has reliable weather November to May.

Key Cruising Areas: You could spend a lifetime sailing North America and there would still be places to discover, the options here are endless. From the stunning Florida Keys to Maine, the east coast is fringed with rivers and estuaries that make interesting cruising. The west coast offers beautiful Californian beaches and the glitz of big cities such as San Fran and Seattle. Besides ocean cruising, the great lakes of the north east are the largest inland sailing area in the world.

Don’t Miss: The Everglades encompass all the landscapes of America – prairie, lakes, rivers, marshlands, all melding into a unique wilderness where landscapes intertwine in an awe-inspiring panorama. Best explored by charter yacht, this is a fantastic area for cruising.
Explore the winding maze of mangroves in an onboard kayak, do some fishing and watch out for endangered species such as Florida Manatees and turtles.

Best Spots for Wining and Dining: The city of San Francisco is renowned for its culinary scene. When Mexican and global influences and abundant fresh seafood from the Pacific are combined with the best chefs in the world, the result is an almost overwhelming choice of cuisine.

Best Local Dish: Nothing is more American than a hamburger. The greasy fast food offering has transformed in recent years, with the food revolution that has given rise to the gourmet burger. Consistently voted one of the best, the Emmy Burger at Emily Brooklyn uses top notch ingredients such as dry-aged beef, but stays true to the classic burger, creating a treat that must be tried on an east coast charter.

Local Culture: In a country as large as the States, the variety of cultures is amazing. From the traditions of the Alaskan Yupik which run strongly through the state, to the blended, edgy cultures of modern cities such as Miami or Portland, there is much to be experienced in the US. On the banks of the stunning Potomac, Washington DC is built on arts and culture. Visit the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian Museum or the White House – the list of world-famous sites is enough to fill any trip.

Best Beach:  The States is surrounded by bays, charming ports and beautiful beaches, however the most recently joined state – Hawaii – boasts some of the best. The rugged landscapes of the volcanic archipelago are filled with amazingly diverse scenery and beaches. Kahekili Beach is a stunning spot, with calm morning waters ideal for snorkelling, and facing west, the sunsets at this beach are stunning.

IYC recommends: For a unique cruise, sail through the Great Lakes and spend a day – or more – experiencing the rich culture of Chicago. Take a helicopter tour of the city’s landmarks, wander through the immaculate botanical gardens, have high tea accompanied by a live harpist at the Drake Hotel, but save yourself for the evening – choose from hundreds of excellent dining options ranging from molecular gastronomy at Alinea or elegant French food at Everest at the top of the Stock Exchange.


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Zoom Zoom Zoom

161'/49.07m / 10 Guests


154'/46.94m / 12 Guests

Yacht CarpeDiemII Charter

Carpe Diem II

150'/45.70m / 10 Guests

Far From It Yacht for Charter - IYC

Far From It

142'/43.28m / 10 Guests

REVELRY Yacht for Charter - IYC


127'11"/39m / 10 Guests

Our heritage

112'/34.14m / 8 Guests

Charer Wild Kingdom Yacht

Wild Kingdom

112'/34m / 8 Guests

Independence 3

111'/33.83m / 10 Guests

Le Reve

110'/33.53m / 8 Guests


95'/28.96m / 10 Guests


87'/26.52m / 6 Guests


86'3"/26.30m / 8 Guests


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