Amels Yachts

Amels Shipyard

Although Amels Yachts began building ships in Holland in 1918, it wasn’t until the launch of Katalina in 1982 that the builder established itself within the yachting community. After that build, Amels created and maintained a strong reputation for custom-built luxury superyachts. What now sets them apart from the rest of the market is a concept that began with the 2005 completion of Tigre D’Or, the world’s first MCA-compliant certified yacht. This design launched Amels’ Limited Editions line, a concept that closes the gap between a purely custom build and a semi-custom yacht. An Amels Limited Edition yacht begins on a tried and tested platform—taking away the anxiety of employing too-new technology or design—but then gives owners complete control over the exterior lines and the interior layout, making each yacht built in the Limited Editions line its own work of art. Because the engineering does not need to be completed from the hull up, the build time is also significantly lessened, a huge bonus in the current market. Their reputation, quality, and build speed make Amels a consistent favorite on the sales and charter market.


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