Bilgin Shipyards

There are 4 Bilgin yachts shipyard operations in the world, capable of building some of the worlds finest, most unique yachts. Bilgin’s shipyards cover 27000 square meters with the intent on offering an immediate insight to their ship building process; organized, professional, thorough and precise. The main focus of the company is on creating motoryachts of the highest standard, but in the past few years, Bilgin has branched out in other regions yacht design and construction, like custom interior and exterior works. The first generation of Bilgin boats were primarily tailor made, focused on mastering the right appeal for their clients.

History of Bilgin Yachts

Bilgin has more than 100 years of experience in the yacht manufacturing world and their name has become synonymous with refined, professional yacht building quality. Despite being a company with just a handful of people in its inception, Bilgin has managed to grow to over 300 employees, each hand picked to specialize in their selected craft. Each Bilgin employee values delivering the best quality and results in their respective field in yacht building.

Bilgin is a Turkish brand who entered the boatbuilding industry alone in the 60s, which provided a great boost to their brand. Since entering the business, the company has managed to create a massive number of unique models, keeping their designs fresh and innovative. Whether you’re buying, selling, chartering or building a Bilgin yacht, you can expect a great value for their quality, power and precision.

Bilgin Shipyard Models and Designs

The production of all Bilgin yachts for sale, charter or new build is undertaken with cold molded construction. Their models vary from aluminum alloys to standard motor vessels and many more. With over 50 models to choose, there’s a yacht to fit everyone’s style and demands. Some of Bilgin’s most popular yacht models include the Bilgin 263, the Bilgin 156, Bilgin 263 II, Bilgin 147, Bilgin 132, Clarity Bilgin 160 classic, Indiana Bilgin 127 and the RL NOOR Bilgin 123. The Clarity Bilgin 160 classic is also for sale and charter exclusively with IYC. Click the following to learn more about the timeless Clarity for sale and for charter.

Bilgin offers a wide variety of yacht models, all with different styles and options to be fully customized. No matter the style or model you choose to purchase or build, one thing is certain, Bilgin delivers an extraordinary experience to their owners.


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