Burger Boat Company

burger boat company

Founded in 1863 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin as the H. Burger Shipyard, Henry Burger’s original mission was to build 20- to 30- foot Mackinaw fishing vessels. The quality and quick production of these builds earned Burger a strong reputation throughout the Great Lakes region. Over the next decade, the company expanded both their yard and the scope of their projects, undertaking refit and repair as well as new construction. Through it all, though, it remained a family business under the name Burger and Burger Shipyard.


The original Burger and Burger yard was eventually sold to the Manitowoc Dry Dock Company, but Henry B. Burger, Jr. had already gone into the family business, opening the Henry B. Burger Shipyard nearby. It is this site and this branch of the family from which the current Burger Boat Company evolved. Through multiple changes of ownership and even a 26-month closure, the Burger brand has retained a high level of brand recognition and respect as one of the strongest American builders. Yachts bearing the Burger name are highly popular on both the sales and charter market.


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