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Perini Navi

Perini Navi

Country: Italy
Specialties: Sailing Yachts, Motor Yachts, Full-Custom Yachts
Size range: From 25m (82’) to 88m (289’)
Hull configuration: Planing, Semi-Displacement, Displacement
Rig Type: Sloop, Ketch
Hull material: GRP, Aluminum, Steel
Services: New Build, Warranty, Maintenance 


Shipyard History

When it comes to sailing yachts, there aren’t many names better recognized than Perini Navi. Founded in 1983 by Fabio Perini, an Italian entrepreneur and visionary, this innovative company created a revolutionary sail handling system that enables a single person to control the sails of a large yacht. In the following years, Perini also introduced the captive reel winch, an automatic reel system guided by a system of electronically controlled electric motors, and other inventions that have changed the look, shape, function, and feel of modern sailing yachts. The shipyard has a reputation for building some of the world's largest and most luxurious sailing yachts, attracting discerning clients who seek the perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style.

Over the years, Perini Navi has built an impressive portfolio of remarkable yachts that have explored the world's oceans. From the iconic 88m Maltese Falcon, a revolutionary sailing superyacht with its unique DynaRig system, to the graceful 60m Perseus^3, known for its impressive sailing performance, the shipyard's creations have captured the imagination of yachting enthusiasts worldwide.

Perini Navi's dedication to innovation and craftsmanship has garnered numerous accolades and awards, solidifying its position as a leader in the luxury yacht industry. In 2021, Perini Navi was acquired by The Italian Sea Group, becoming the most yard brand to join the group's portfolio.

Shipyard Specialty

Perini Navi yachts are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive features that set them apart in the world of luxury sailing. The Italian shipyard has a track record of building some of the largest and fastest sailing yachts in the world. One of their specialties lies in their innovative sail-handling systems, which have become their trademark.

Perini Navi is well-known for their interiors and attention to detail. Each sailing or motor yacht  delivered is a masterpiece of design, blending comfort, elegance, and functionality. Collaborating with renowned interior designers, Perini Navi creates bespoke living spaces that reflect the owner's individual style and preferences.

Furthermore, Perini Navi's commitment to sustainability is evident in their yacht construction. They employ advanced eco-friendly technologies and materials to reduce environmental impact without compromising on performance or luxury. Their dedication to sustainable practices ensures that their yachts are not only extraordinary in design but also mindful of the delicate marine ecosystems they traverse. 

Notable deliveries and models

The Maltese Falcon is perhaps the most famous and groundbreaking yacht ever built by Perini Navi. This 88-meter sailing superyacht became an instant legend due to its revolutionary DynaRig system, which features three self-standing masts and 15 computer-controlled sails. The Maltese Falcon offers exceptional performance, luxurious accommodations, and a striking presence on the water, making it an iconic symbol of Perini Navi's innovation and craftsmanship.

The Sybaris, now known as Badis I, is a 70-meter sailing yacht that exemplifies Perini Navi's commitment to luxury and design excellence. Known for its impressive sailing performance and sleek design, the 60m "Perseus^3" showcases Perini Navi's engineering prowess. Equipped with a carbon fibre rig and innovative sail control systems, this yacht offers exhilarating speeds and exceptional manoeuvrability.

Other notable deliveries by Perini Navi are large motor yachts designed in collaboration with the French naval architect Philippe Briand and the studio Vitruvius, boasting contemporary and minimalistic exteriors: 73m Nautilus, 56m Galileo G and 50m Falco Moscata.

Design collaborations on models and projects

Perini Navi has a long-standing tradition of collaborating with world-renowned designers and naval architects. These partnerships bring together innovative concepts, unique styles, and cutting-edge technology to deliver remarkable vessels.

Perini Navi has had a successful collaboration with renowned naval architect Ron Holland. Their partnership resulted in the creation of several iconic sailing yachts, including the breathtaking Felicita West and Panthalassa.

Perini Navi has joined forces with Philippe Briand, a highly acclaimed yacht designer and naval architect, on numerous projects. Together, they have created stunning motor and sailing yachts that seamlessly blend performance and elegance such as Nautilus and Sybaris.

Perini Navi, now a part of The Italian Sea Group, has partnered with French studio Nacira Design - Axel de Beaufort to build a 47m energy-efficient sailing catamaran yacht, scheduled for delivery in 2023.

Perini Navi is a member of SYBAss (Superyacht Builders Association)


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