Riva Yachts

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Location: Italy
Website: www.riva-yacht.com
Specialties: Semi-custom and custom motoryachts up to 40m

Riva is an iconic yachting brand, whose long history began in 1842 on the shores of Lake Iseo in Sarnico, Italy. Pietro Riva, a young shipbuilder and craftsman who had just moved to the area, won the hearts of the locals when he repaired or rebuilt many fishing boats after a devastating storm. From there, the Riva legend has only grown. Over the next century, the yard remained a family-run business, passing from father to son until it fell into the hands of Carlo Riva in the 1950s. The company had already established itself as a leading builder for elegant, high-quality pleasure crafts and Riva boats were owned by many notable names in politics and entertainment. Riva yachts from this era can still be found today, kept as collectables and heirlooms.

The acquisition of Riva by the Ferretti Group in 2000 began a new era for the company and an expansion of their already impressive range of yachts. Currently, Riva’s yachts are produced in both Sarnico and La Spezia and perfectly blend their classic style with the latest advancements in engineering and technology. Riva models are sought after both as standalone craft and as tenders to larger yachts.

Today the Riva line remains focused on its values of quality, design and uniqueness, blending technology and tradition to create a stunning range of handcrafted yachts. With Open, Sportfly and Flybridge ranges, including the Superyacht line, there is a Riva for everyone. IYC has a long history of selling Riva yachts, so get in touch today for advice from one of the expert IYC team.


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