VSY was established in 2004 in Viareggio, Italy. The mission of the company is to build technologically innovative and stylish yachts. Every yacht in VSY is a reflection of the owner’s lifestyle combined with the company’s excellent craftsmanship. Clients that select VSY are looking to give life to an astonishing project where every little detail is carefully designed in order to satisfy all their needs. The production philosophy of VSY is to use the latest technology and engineering components. The shipyard only utilizes the best marine components found in northern Europe and Italy, in order to meet the requirements of its clients. Both the interior and exterior design of the yacht include elements from the Italian culture.



VSY is a yachting industry pioneer through its environmental engineering in the Total Eco-Yachts. The shipbuilder uses recyclable materials, electric auxiliary engines, Green Anchoring system, new technology particle filters and a system that uses the heat from exhausts in order to produce hot water for the yachts. The environmental presence of VSY is very strong and has been mentioned in the yachting press internationally.

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