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Charter yachts with Elevators

To the uninitiated it may seem indulgent, but to the experienced charterer an elevator is a must-have feature. Typically positioned close to the central staircase therefore forming a universal meeting point, superyacht elevators have significantly evolved from the humble mechanical lift.

Glass-encased or with live digital wall displays illuminated by subtle lighting, onboard elevators silently soar providing quick access to all guest levels. Occupying virtually the only vertical space aboard a yacht, they are a designer’s dream opportunity to create something that is both beautiful and functional.

From a convenience factor, lifts improve accessibility on board and aid the flow of movement between different areas of the yacht. For elderly guests, those with limited mobility and families with young children, elevators are paramount to ensuring the smooth running of everyone’s onboard experience.

Dashing from the sun deck to grab your reading glasses that you left in the lower deck cinema is quicker, while transporting sleeping children from the main salon to their guest cabin at night is far easier without negotiating two flights of stairs. Aside from expediting convenience and providing wheelchair accessibility, elevators simply add a touch of decadence to a superyacht charter, “elevating” the guest experience entirely.

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