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Charter yachts with Helipads

In the wilds of Patagonia, the addition of an onboard helicopter converts hours into minutes when covering vast distances. For those who fancy heli-skiing while on a yacht charter, the addition of one, if not two helipads, is ideal. Even the luxury of a private jet requires guests to travel from a private runway, followed by a trip in the tender to join the yacht. But aside from enabling guests to arrive at their charter by chopper, the convenience aspect of an onboard helicopter allows guests to explore further in land, fly over mountains, navigate far-flung day trips, and even dip in and out of meetings.

Helipads are found on yachts upwards of 148’ (45m). Unlike privately operated yachts, helicopters can only remain on board charter yachts with commercially certified helipads. The benefit of a fully-certified helipad is that the helicopter is parked on board, often stored in a dedicated hangar, with a dedicated pilot on board, and ready to use whenever required. In all other instances, non-commercial touch-and-go helipads are used to drop and collect guests. Landing a helicopter requires a large space on a yacht, which means onboard helipads often enjoy alternative uses, including dance floors, yoga decks and outdoor cinemas. They also make incredible al fresco lounges, with all the cool blue views you can wish for.

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