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Custom fishing charters in the Bahamas

Custom fishing charters in the Bahamas

20th December 2016
For many superyacht charter guests fishing is top of the list for on board activities and the Bahamas has a huge number of options on offer for the experienced and amateur anglers alike. Whether you are seeking days of wading through shallow inshore waters hunting for bonefish, or experiencing the thrills of fast-paced big game fishing, you can find your ideal fishing vacation in the blue waters of the Bahamas. With IYC offering short and longer term fishing charters, clients are able to create their own custom experience that is perfectly tailored to their abilities and desired catch.
Regardless of skillset the bountiful waters of the Caribbean sea practically guarantee that you will go home with a trophy catch to show off. 50 fishing world records have been set in the Bahamas and charter yacht trips are becoming increasingly popular with fishermen and women eager to try their hand at beating them. Every type of fishing can be found around this area of the Caribbean – fly fishing, big game fishing, deep sea blue water fishing, and chartering a yacht is an ideal way to create your perfect fishing experience. Knowledgeable crew will take you to the richest spots and after a successful day on the lines your private onboard chef will cook up your catches.

For the big game fisher, Bimini is known for its world class fishing which has earnt it the title of “Sport Fishing Capital of the World”. The Gulf Stream brings shoals of dazzling tropical fish, from huge tuna to colourful Mahi Mahi and Wahoo. Throughout the summer the waters run rich with Marlin and Barracuda and, of course, where there are fish there are playful dolphins to watch. Chasing Bimini for its title, the Exumas also offer world class sport fishing. Beautiful white sandy beaches provide the perfect backdrop to anchor at the end of the day, share stories and compare your catches over a glass of wine on the deck.

If you’re new to fishing or looking for a more relaxed, slower paced day, try your hand at reef fishing. Wherever you are cruising in the Bahamas you will never be far far from a stunning coral reef and the Andros Reef off the coast of Nassau is one of the largest in the world. Dropping your bait to the bottom of the reef is key in reef fishing – hence the Bahamian term “bottom fishing” – and any time of year you are guaranteed not to leave the reef without a grouper, trigger fish or perhaps a barracuda.

The Bahamas are famous for Bonefishing – a unique way of fishing which the stealth and tactics of hunting with the delicate skill of fly fishing. Bonefishing is an addictive sport and Andros Island – known as Bonefish Heaven – is the place to feed the addiction. The large coastline and abundant flats (stretches of shallow water filled with sea grass) provide ideal Bonefish habitats throughout the year. A day spent with one of the experienced guides, wading through the clear waters of the flats, eyes peeled for the silvery flashes will create idyllic memories of your charter vacation. Bring your catch back to the boat and your private chef will serve it up in the traditional way – baked with pepper sauce and salt.

IYC organizes half and full day fishing charters. Our licensed fishing guides are some of the best in the world and know where to find your prized catch.  To plan your own custom fishing charter please contact your nearest IYC office. To find out more click here.
IYC has offices in Fort Lauderdale, Newport, Nantucket, St. Barths, St. Maarten, Monaco, Greece, Barcelona, Croatia, Montenegro, Malta and Turkey. To contact an IYC office click here.

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