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DAY 1 – Nassau / Paradise Island

Meet your yacht at Paradise Island, at the Atlantis Marina. With an aquarium, water park and restaurants you will be spoilt for things to do from your first day. After meeting your yacht, you will set sail for Allan’s Cay and Highbourne Cay in the Exumas. The privately owned Highbourne Cay is known as the gateway to the Exumas. Choose from eight beautiful beaches within walking distance of the marina, to relax and enjoy the view. At Allan’s Cay stop to feed the iguanas who will eat from your hand. As the sun sets on your first day in the Bahamas, enjoy a dinner prepared by your personal chef, under a star filled sky.

DAY 2 – Norman's Cay  

Sailing east, you will arrive in Norman’s Cay – a gorgeous small island full of history. Learn about the debauchery of the drug smuggling era then explore some of the remains of the houses, clubs and guard shacks for yourself. Your crew can offer scuba training or enlist a dive master for a shallow practice dive, then at midday head out to dive around the sunken airplane of one of the failed smuggling missions. In the late afternoon, cruise to Lon Palm island to ski and wakeboard, before a relaxing sunset cruise to Shroud Cay.

DAY 3 – Shroud Cay 

Wake up for a morning walk on a deserted beach. On this uninhabited island the shallow mangrove makes a unique environment where conches, lobster and turtles can be found. If you are feeling energetic, hike one of the on shore trails. In the afternoon your luxury yacht will head to the Land and Sea Park of Warderwick Wells. For this short trip take a tender and ski behind it to follow the yacht. Take a guide and walk the trails to Boo Boo Hill and the impressive blow holes on the eastern shore. Watch the abundant marine life and check out the stromatolites with a shallow snorkel. In the evening, cruise to the private Bell Island, with the setting sun behind you.


DAY 4 – Bell Island  

After a morning dive, head to Big Majors Spot right in the middle of the Exumas. As you tender into the stunning white beach, you will be met by the amazing sight of pigs swimming out to meet your boat. Although it is uncertain how they got there, the pigs have become quite an attraction, especially big Emily. Visit the cave where the James Bond movie Thunderball was filmed. In the evening head ashore for happy hour, when the Staniel Cay Yacht club is the place to be. Dine at the elegant Harbour Club Eating and Drinking House on Fowl Cay.

DAY 5 – Over Yonder Cay  

Today is a day to relax on the luxury private island of Over Yonder Cay. The facilities here are the best in the Bahamas, so make the most of the watercraft and activities. The island is uniquely born of decadence and environmental conscience, with the proprietor committed to renewable power. Indulge in a massage or spa treatment, of tender around the small cays nearby. The changes in water colour as the depths vary are truly stunning.

DAY 6 – Over Yonder Cay  

With so many things to do and nearby islets to explore, spend a second day at Over Yonder Cay. Start with a morning snorkel in one of the shallow pools, which transforms into an adventure as the tide comes in. Continue the activities of yesterday and have a go on one of the underwater Seabob sea scooters. Returning above water, take the jet skis to a secret sandbar to eat strawberries and sip champagne while the turquoise waters lap around you. In the evening, your yacht will start the journey north to Paradise Island.

DAY 7 – Nassau / Paradise Island  

On your final day, disembark your yacht and head to Atlantis – a stunning resort that rises from the white beaches of Paradise Island. Play in the water park, visit the dolphins, or get a few rounds of golf before heading to the airport to catch your plane home. Be sure to take some of the Bahamian rum with you, to relive the evenings spent watching the sunset from white sand beaches.

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