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DAY 1 - St. Florent

You will meet your yacht in St. Florent, where superyachts have taken the place of the fishing boats of times past. The bay is set between mountain ranges and the dazzling white sand beach remains an untouched beauty sloping gently into the Mediterranean Sea. Relax on the beach, quiet save for the sounds of the native cicadas in the pine forest behind you. The town of ‘St. Flo’ is more intimate than some of the glitzy resorts of France but is often a holiday choice for celebrities and VIPs who want to escape the crowds. Stroll through the old town and visit the charming shops and wine bars, and take some time to relax and people watch.

DAY 2 - St. Florent to Calvi

Cruise south along the forested coastline of Corsica, and arrive at Calvi where you are greeted by the high orange bastions of the citadel. The stylish town attracts many superyachts and private charter cruises, giving the area a feel of a sophisticated French resort. Spend some time on the crescent-shaped beach where you can try out the watersports, or simply soak in the sea and look back toward views of the town. In the evening get dressed up to wander the streets and try the hearty Corsican food at one of the restaurants within the citadel.

DAY 3 - Calvi to Girolata

As you cruise toward Girolata, you will be surprised by the varied scenery of the island, as the white cliffs and red-roofed houses give way to incredible pink rocks topped with bright eucalyptus trees. Inaccessible by road, the only way to visit Girolata is on your yacht. Hop out to stroll along the pebbled beach. If you’re feeling fit, the Col de la Croix is a four-hour return walk from the quiet town and well worth a visit for the sweeping views of the bay.

DAY 4 - Girolata to Porto

On day four you follow the red-cliffed coastline to Porto. Like Girolata, much of Porto is a designated reserve and the natural beauty and historical sites are unspoiled by development. Have a morning of activity partaking in watersports in the bay, then in the afternoon head in the quaint village. Have a look in the aquarium in town to get a glimpse of the creatures that you are sharing the Corsican waters with.

DAY 5 - Porto to Ajaccio

Your crew will prepare a delicious breakfast of local treats before you continue south to the captivating town of Ajaccio. The birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, the town is speckled with museums and statues in his honour. As you walk through the bustling city you will find yourself immersed in the history and culture of this era. Head to the central Place Foch and stop at one of the cafes to soak in the romantic and slow-paced atmosphere. Indulge in the traditional three-course lunch, and take a bottle of the local Muscat to enjoy on the deck of your yacht in the warm evening.

DAY 6 - Ajaccio to Porto Pollo

Anchoring in the Gulf of Valinco, you can discover small, hidden beaches, mountainous landscapes, and picturesque caves. Head to Porto Pollo where you can take a dip in the clear waters, and spend some time snorkeling and watching the glittering fish. Surrounded by archaeological sites, the history of Corsica is told by the castle and menhirs that can be seen. If you feel like a walk the long coastline offers many options, or explore secluded creeks from your yacht. 

DAY 7 - Porto Pollo to Bonifacio

Follow the coast to meet the southernmost town of Corsica, where you will be greeted by stunning cliffs topped with impressive buildings. As you round the cliffs into the hidden harbour you will see the bustle of the chic town unfold. Climb the steps of the citadel to look out over panoramic views of the coast and across the town. Bonifacio is known for its stylish shops and restaurants, and a perfect place to spend your final evening enjoying the ambience. Try the classic Corsican fish soup, and a glass of white wine, which the region is famed for.

DAY 8 - Bonifacio

Get up early to make a trip to the markets and pick up some local produce to take home – the citrus and stone fruits of the region are made into fantastic jams. Take some home and save for a cold winter’s day when the flavours will take you back to the balmy evenings of your Corsican cruise. Wave goodbye to your Corsica yacht charter holiday and crew to fly out of Corsica from the regional airport at Figari.

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