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Experience the Society Islands

DAY 1 - Tahiti

When you land in Fakarava airport you will be greeted by the smiling face of Tahitians in traditional dress, handing you Gardenias as you step off the plane. The beach is not far from the airport so a short trip will take you to meet your yacht. Take a day to relax and get to know your crew, soak up some Pacific sun and swim in the waters that Tahiti is famous for.

DAY 2 - Fakarava

After breakfast on your yacht, head into the water to dive or snorkel around the deep lagoon within the Fakarava Atoll. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is a diver’s heaven. Take a picnic lunch and your snorkels and explore the many islets of the atoll, where you will be surrounded by colourful fish even in the shallowest waters. After lunch head ashore to walk around the old town and where you will see the wildlife is just a spectacular above the water. Meet the friendly locals and see the old churches made from coral.

DAY 3 - Fakarava to Toau via the North Pass

As you cruise along the islets to Toau keep a watch out for humpback whales that visit Tahiti during the summer months. Look out for the marine birds that nest along the shore, and cast your eyes back to the waters to see shimmering fish just below the waters. Crossing through the North Pass you will get an opportunity to dive with many species of sharks, and manta rays will usually be seen. After a day packed with wildlife, your yacht will cruise to Rangiroa while you sleep.

DAY 4 - Rangiroa

Rangiroa is the largest of the atolls and you will wake up to a huge and crystal blue lagoon. Choose another day of diving with the wild but playful dolphins, or cruise around the islets and marvel at the pink sand beaches. If you feel like a day on land, treat yourself to a luxury spa at one of the pristine resorts and enjoy a dinner of local fish from the lagoon.

DAY 5 - Rangiroa to Bora Bora

Fly to the impressive volcanic island of Bora Bora to spend a night in the Four Seasons Resort. Choose to stay in a beachfront villa, or in an overwater bungalow where the sea meets your doorstep. Enjoy the luxurious resort set against dramatic volcanic landscapes, then stroll into town to see the shops selling true Tahitian black pearls.

DAY 6 - Bora Bora

After sailing up from Rangiroa, your yacht will meet you today and take you onto the lagoon for a day of watersports activities. The blue lagoon is protected by coral reef and is famous for its diving. Ask the locals the best spot to find graceful manta rays, go horseback riding or walking along the beautiful beaches, or for a truly spectacular trip take a helicopter tour of the mountains.

DAY 7 - Raiatea and Taha'A

You will understand why Raiatea means ‘Faraway Heaven’ when you wake up to the beautiful setting. The volcanic mountains are carpeted in greenery, in which grow the Tiare Apetahi flowers – so rare that they will not grow anywhere else on earth. Explore the plateau on foot or horseback, or sail around the archipelagos and stop in one of the scenic anchorages. Taha’a is known as the ‘vanilla island’, and here you can visit lush plantations where 80% of Tahiti’s vanilla bean is grown.

DAY 8 - Huahine

Sail to Huahine to discover one of the best secrets of French Polynesia. Set in a deep lagoon, the two islands of Huahine have escaped the development of the modern world and offer a slower paced atmosphere, and a feel of older times. Enjoy a traditional Polynesian picnic and games on the beach, shared with local musicians. Experience the culture of the small villages, and indulge in the fresh produce that springs from the volcanic soils – fresh vanilla, juicy melons and bananas.

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