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Experience wellness charters all year round on board 55.6m (182’5’’) superyacht Insignia

Experience wellness charters all year round on board 55.6m (182’5’’) superyacht Insignia

4th October 2017
In such a busy world, taking the time out to fully recharge and relax is more important than ever and there is growing demand for superyacht charters with a focus on wellbeing and a positive lifestyle. A superyacht is the perfect base for a charter focusing on wellness, offering a beautiful setting, world class service that allows guests to fully embrace and enjoy the charter, and close proximity to the calm of water and nature. Understanding this demand, and in an exciting first, the beautiful charter yacht 55.6m (182’5’’)  M/Y Insignia has developed a unique offering by partnering with the acclaimed ARiA (Anima Reparatur in Aqua Soul revived in Water) programme to create a tailored wellness and lifetuning charter offering. The ARiA programme has been specifically tailored for Insignia, with organisers dubbing it a ‘life changing endeavour’ that focuses on several aspects of wellness, including nutrition, detoxification, stress management, fitness balance and a sustainable lifestyle plan that encompasses all these elements.
Insignia’s guests will be able to enjoy a structured itinerary that will deliver a true ‘lifetuning’ experience, with extensive support, seminars, expert advice and fitness and nutritional guidance, all in the incomparable setting of Insignia’s elegant luxury. Importantly, Insignia’s ARiA programme has been developed by and is led by experts including Dr Dimitrios Samaras, who specialises in age-management and nutritional optimisation and has developed his own innovative nutritional programme ‘MiSpoon,’ which is implemented for Insignia’s charter guests. The entire ARiA programme revolves around the water, and the peace that close proximity to the sea offers. Over three years were spent forming and perfecting ARiA to take full advantage of the yachting experience and life at sea, and training the crew on Insignia to best operate alongside ARiA’s team of experts.

Based in Greece and the wider MediterraneanInsignia offers its wellness and lifetuning charters all year round and is the perfect escape for charter guests looking for a positive life change.Insignia’s design is ideally suited to this charter theme, thanks to her many amenities and features. These include huge decks – perfect for individuals to retreat to their own private space, or enjoy structured wellness classes in an outdoor setting – generous accommodation with several configurations that allow a wide range of group sizes to enjoy her, a beautiful sauna, gymnasium, and a specialist chef trained in creating menus that support the wellness theme.

Dr Samaras is passionate about the fact that Insignia is the perfect base for the programme. “I truly believe that true change comes through introspection, and introspection requires silence, concentration and to a certain extent isolation,” he says. “The ability to do so in a luxurious yachting environment where all your senses can be pampered, the sense-awakening simplicity hidden in signature dishes from a Michelin star chef, the close proximity to nature, its elements and the ability to be isolated and at the same time in an everyday environment, make the superyacht setting unique for making such a transformation.”

ARiA’s success comes through tailoring the programme to the individual, a philosophy that is perfectly in keeping with the bespoke superyacht charter experience on board Insignia, with the yacht priding itself on providing a fully custom experience for charter guests. “At the core of what we do with ARiA is lifetuning, which is not about a diet, a program or simply wellness, it is about a tuning of one’s life,” says Dr Samaras. “Only through a tailor-made approach can every piece of advice remain feasible, sustainable and realistic not only on board but, even more importantly, in their everyday lives after their disembarkation. Providing the tools for ongoing support is key, and the programme has its own Exclusivi App, developed by Dr Samaras, which provides detailed information on the ARiA programme, with advice, personalised schedules and more. The Exclusivi app is available to download from the Apple App or Google Play stores, and the exclusive code IYC-ARiA can be used to find out more about the Lifetuning experience as well as to receive an insight into our metabolism and a first personalized anti-aging advice, offered for the next month by Dr Samaras himself.

With so many ‘wellness’ offerings available around the world, Dr Samaras is passionate about what he and his team have developed in conjunction with Insignia, crediting their approach of looking at several elements that contribute to wellness rather than isolated aspects, such as nutrition or fitness. The goal of an Insignia ARiA charter is to gift participants with a lifetime of wellness support. “People are usually discharged from wellness centres thinking exactly the same way as before, with no difference in their philosophy towards their health, with no particular call to action other than general advice such as lose weight, do sports etc,” says Dr Samaras. “Insignia’s ARiA Lifetuning programme initiates “lifetunarians” to a different way of seeing their health, teaches them the why and how by taking the best of nutrition, muscle stimulation and stress management; our guests board as people with a desire to make a change and disembark transformed as “lifetunarians”, as individuals who do not only live to create but also create themselves to live.”

To take advantage of this incomparable experience on board Insignia, and discuss your own bespoke wellness and lifetuning charter contact your IYC Charter Consultant or nearest IYC office today. IYC has offices in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach,Newport, Nantucket, St. Maarten, Monaco, Greece, Croatia, Barcelona, Montenegro, Scandinavia, Malta and Russia. To contact an IYC office click here.

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