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Our favourite coastal wine trips to take by yacht this year

Our favourite coastal wine trips to take by yacht this year

20th June 2018
It’s time to rethink the wine tour. Not only because cars and wine don’t mix well, but because you can get the same vineyard access while covering more ground more comfortably by sea. And there’s something to be said for cruising at 20 knots along the Sicilian coast, drinking a chilled glass of Nero d’Avola after a day trip to the majestic stone city of Noto, knowing that a sip of the volcanic wines of Mt Etna is only a few hours away.
Our favourite coastal wine trips to take by boat this year:

Bordeaux, France
Wines from this region are famous for being light and fruity. Start your trip off with a breakfast of oysters and crisp white wine in Arcachon Bay before moving on to the city of Bordeaux. As a culinary powerhouse, the city offers a good base point from which to explore wineries, and also happens to have some of the best restaurants in France. We recommend a lunch at Garopapilles on 62 Rue Abbé de l'Épée, where you’ll find dishes like porcini mushrooms with cockles as well as seared pigeon. A visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Saint Emilion is a must, along with a tour of its most famous wineries. In the evening have a nightcap at Symbiose, where you’ll find a hidden speakeasy by walking to the back of the restaurant and peeking behind the grandfather clock.

Basque Country, Spain
The jurassic-like coast of San Sebastian is a world apart from what you may have expected from a yacht trip to Europe, and along with its natural beauty it offers a great deal in the way of culture, food and of course, wine. A tradition in wine-making comes hand in hand with the culinary history of San Sebastian, its famous pintxos included. Start your day off with a walk around the old city before setting yourself up at a pintxos bar for a great deal of txakoli drinking and tapas eating. Txakoli is a very young, white wine with a fresh green tinge and a slight effervescence. It’s the perfect thing to cleanse your palate with while eating rich Basque food. In the evening head inland to Mugaritz, a two-Michelin starred Basque restaurant set in an old farmhouse with Andoni Luis Aduriz at its helm. After, be sure to arrange for a cold glass of sparkling water to be waiting for you back in your cabin.

Santorini, Greece
Santorini is certainly an island that stands apart visually from any other destination. Its red volcanic cliffs, deep caldera waters and white-washed villages have made it one of the most famous places to visit in the world. It also happens to have some of the most distinctive wine in Europe due to its dry climate, volcanic soils and ancient grape varieties. The island is famous for its white, minerally Assyrtiko, its red, tart and very dry Mavrotragano and its sweet and deep Vinsanto. Start off with a swim in the caldera and have a seafood lunch at Katina’s in Ammoudi. Drive along the island towards Akrotiri, stopping on the way to see the peculiar way grape vines grow in Santorini – in circular bunches on the ground. Watch the sunset on the cliff of Akrotiri and head for a delicious dinner at Selene in the village of Pyrgos. Expect dishes like stewed rabbit with pearl onions and cuttlefish with bulgar wheat.

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