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Grenada Luxury Yacht Charter

Grenada Yacht Charter Guide

Sailing into the harbour at St. George’s at the start of your Caribbean cruise, you will be welcomed by the vibrantly coloured shops, homes, and buildings. The terracotta roofs and buildings stacked into the steep green hillside are reminiscent of a Mediterranean harbour, as the French immigrants who settled here in the mid-1600s brought a European flourish to the island. Your charter yacht vacation can begin or end in Grenada, or you can choose to spend a week here with the many options for activities and sightseeing. Take a stunning hike through tropical rainforests and plantations; swim in the deep, refreshing pools at St. Margaret’s falls. Or partake in the quintessential Caribbean pastime – lounging on the white sandy beaches with a coconut in your hand!

The liveliest time of year in Grenada is August when yacht charterers often choose to visit the island and experience the Carnival. The streets are filled with colour and the air comes alive with the sounds of steel-drum bands and calypso singers. This is the time of year when the locals really let loose, so get amongst them and party in the street or enjoy letting the sights and sounds wash over you as you cheer for this year’s Miss Grenada.

Grenada is known as the ‘spice isle’ with the fertile land producing nutmeg, cinnamon, saffron, and ginger. The potent Grenadian spices are favoured by celebrity chef Gary Rhodes, who has a restaurant on the island. Cocoa beans are another major product of Grenada, reckoned to be some of the finest in the world, and are in demand from Belgian chocolatiers. You can visit the cocoa plantations and open-air factories to see the process of fermenting and sun drying that prepares the beans to be used in tea or, of course, chocolate!


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