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IYC Proud Supporter of Desmos

IYC Proud Supporter of Desmos

10th November 2023

IYC stands as a proud and committed supporter of Desmos, a non-profit organization that strives to inspire everyday giving to transform the lives of those in need, facilitating connections between donors and charitable organizations in Greece. This commitment to their invaluable work in fostering positive change holds immense significance for us, not only reflecting our strong connection to Greece, but our pride in the organization’s dedication to making a positive impact on its environment and people.

Guided by a set of core values that include transparency, impact, inclusiveness, synergies, passion, and innovation, Desmos plays a pivotal role in delivering essential goods and services to beneficiary organizations. They maintain an unwavering commitment to transparency, compiling comprehensive reports and involving donors at every step of the process.

One such example is in the wake of the devastating wildfires that struck Greece this summer, followed by the catastrophic storms Daniel and Elias, Desmos sprang into immediate action. Their swift response aimed to bridge the gap between the desire to help and the verified, up-to-date needs of those affected. The organization’s first match took place two days after the disaster, with the purchase of 95 pairs of rain boots. Thanks to immediate donations they were also able to purchase 38 waterproof suits with integrated boots, a rescue boat that saved people and animals, food relief packages, hygiene and cleaning packages, food for cats and dogs, water pumps, dehumidifiers, home appliances, beds, mattresses and so much more.

Desmos operates on four major pillars: social welfare, healthcare, building a better future, and emergency response and recovery. These pillars enable them to address a wide spectrum of needs and challenges within the Greek community. Projects like those undertaken in response to the above situation in Greece fall under the Emergency Response and Recovery pillar. Their response to these types of emergencies happens in 3 levels:

1. Meeting needs in the early hours of the crisis
2. Addressing midterm needs
3. Implementation of long-term rehabilitation projects

Desmos’ methodology comprises several key steps: firstly, they engage in direct communication with trusted partners in the field. This is followed by a continuous process of recording and connecting with all stakeholders to ensure they are aware of ongoing needs. They then swiftly disseminate information to address these needs in real-time, activating their donor network to further support the cause. Additionally, they map out midterm requirements and plan rehabilitation projects for a sustainable recovery. The implementation of response and recovery actions is the final crucial step in their approach.

IYC takes great pride in its association with Desmos and feels compelled to share their message with our community. Effectively addressing a crisis during its initial stages is both demanding and crucial. However, the subsequent period is often the most challenging, as the needs become increasingly complex. Desmos emphasizes that, once affected areas fade from the media spotlight, the growing problems tend to become less visible, underscoring the increasing importance of their work.

Desmos gratefully accepts in-kind donations, with a focus on addressing specific and current needs. Monetary contributions are equally welcomed, as they enable their teams to embark on recovery projects and visit the affected areas, allowing for a thorough follow-up on dispatched donations and an assessment of the current ground situation. Your support is invaluable in helping them make a difference in these critical times.

To find out more about Desmos or how you can help, visit

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