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Jetsurf and the latest in toys and tenders: Interview with Flavien Neyertz of Luxury Water Toys

Jetsurf and the latest in toys and tenders: Interview with Flavien Neyertz of Luxury Water Toys

24th November 2016
Enjoying time on the water is a hugely popular part of yacht ownership and charter and finding the latest and greatest toys and tenders is a constant goal for many yacht owners. Luckily, with so many new and exciting products always coming to market there is always plenty of choice.

A new product making waves is the JetSurf, a revolutionary new motorized surf board that is fast becoming a must-have for superyacht owners and charter guests. Designed to be used as a standalone toy, as well as for competitive racing, this fast, light board combines advanced motorsport technology with on-water fun, reaching impressive speeds of up to 55km/h.

The JetSurf was developed by Flavien Neyertz, owner of Luxury Yacht Toys, who first discovered the product in the Czech Republic where it had been designed by a Formula 1 engineer for his personal use. “After two years we managed to convince the creator to build them to sell and we started promoting them through the yachting industry and immediately got a very positive response about this exciting new water toy,” says Flavien. “We established the Jetsurf brand thanks to a passion for motor and water sports – we wanted to create a new water sport.” The new sensation brought by this unique and revolutionary product has quickly attracted many big names to endorse it including Formula 1 drivers, Red Bull athletes and singers.

Flavien believes the JetSurf is the perfect fit for superyachts. “It creates a unique feeling on the water – a mix of snowboarding, surfing, jetskiing and riding a motorbike – and is amazingly versatile and can be used to explore the coast cruising; race on flat water, freeride behind a tender and more, the jetsurf is a unique freedom watersport experience with no comparative ” he says. “Guests can have many different unique experiences with just this one product and it is very easy to use and accessible for everyone.” At just 12kg, it doesn’t require special storage or a crane to launch it into the water, making it ideal for yacht crew to easily bring out for guests to use.

As well as the JetSurf, Flavien has plenty of recommendations for what else is up and coming and well worth a look for yacht owners . “One exciting new tender is the Anvera 55 ‘tender toy’, which is an amazing mix between a chase tender, a mini shadow boat; a limo tender and a day boat,” he says. Able to carry up to 16 passengers and reach speeds of 48knots, the Anvera 55’s features include a 20sqm aft platform, internal storage for water toys and a crane system for jetskis, and is perfect for day excursions away from the main superyacht to explore, enjoy water sports and more.

For those wanting to capture all their action on the water the Splash Drone Auto + is the perfect toy. The world’s first amphibious and waterproof drone, it is able to land, float and cruise on the water, and supplies a live video transmission back to the user. “The Splash Drone is extremely yacht friendly and is an ideal toy for sailors, boat owners and water sport enthusiasts,” says Flavien, who is passionate about helping yacht guests enjoy their time on the water.

“Our aim is to make your charter become a unique experience through your water sports activities, helping out to select the right equipment and by offering the right training, to exceed your expectations. Luxury is not only about the product it is about the overall experience."

To find out more about Luxury Water Toys click hereTo plan your own fun-filled, water activity-focused charter please contact the IYC office most convenient to you. IYC has offices in the Bahamas, Fort Lauderdale, Newport, Nantucket, St. Barths, St. Maarten, Monaco, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Malta and Turkey. To contact an IYC Charter Consultant click here.

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