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The New Must Have Water Toys for the Sportiest Summer

The New Must Have Water Toys for the Sportiest Summer

28th April 2017
In an age where technology is constantly developing to provide exciting and innovative experiences, the world of superyacht toys is no exception. If the winter months have left anything to look forward to, it’s a summer charter fueled with adrenaline-lead experiences and a shiny new toy collection. For those who don’t just want to spend the day sunbathing, these are the must have water toys to add to your toy-box.
If yachts are the most luxurious way to explore life on the sea, U-Boat Worx submarines are the most extravagant way of experiencing life below it. Complete with air-conditioning to a panoramic viewing window these hi-tech bubbles open up a whole new world of discovery that far exceeds the ability of any yacht. Nevertheless, sea-bed searchers who want to impress will have to wait as earlier this year, the brand announced its new C-Researcher Series which features an 18-hour battery life and 2,000-meter depth for delving, available in 2018!

Air Fun
Making the most of the water is usually on every keen yachter’s agenda but how about making the most of the most obvious element; air. Grabbing the earth’s atmosphere and transforming it into an endless catalogue of lively inflatables are FunAir. A simple concept, their yacht slides turn any charter into a personal waterpark, whilst their beach-club extensions allow the less-energetic to lounge on their own pop-up floating island. The piece-de-résistance? Glacier Extreme: a floating climbing wall with mountainous terrain. The best part is there’s no chance it will hurt if (or when!) you fall.

Surf Without Waves
The closest thing to surfing without actually making wake, JetSurf’s jet-powered board is the new way to become king of the waves, even if you’re miles away from the coast. Molded with the lightest carbon-fibre, the 100cc surf machine has enough power to keep you cruising at 40mph for over an hour; by which time, you’ll have tested your ability to use a combination of body-weight and pure agility to navigate the ocean as the captain of your own vessel!

Charter guests are often spoilt for choice on which activity to pick. But, with such a diverse range of yachts on offer, there is something for everybody no matter what their favourite on-water activity. IYC Charter Yachts that stand out for their  impressive collection of water toys include: Ouranos,La Dea II, Milk Money, Ocean Drive, Tsouvali.

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