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5th August 2020
The summer months in Europe have drawn visitors for centuries, with the warm climes and long days offering superb cruising for superyachts. The peak of the yachting season typically ends in August, but in many places in Europe, the fine weather and beautiful sailing continue well past the end of summer. For those wishing to experience their favorite destinations in the quieter months, a luxury yacht charter in September (and even in October) is an excellent choice.

As many destinations slowly open back up to visitors, the more tranquil Autumn months will be even quieter this year, making it a wonderful opportunity to visit new places on board your luxury yacht charter.

Top destinations to visit in September


yacht charter Santorini

With average September temperatures ranging from 24 - 28 degrees celsius (75 - 84 Fahrenheit) the Greek Islands have an extended season, with lovely sailing conditions between mid-April and mid-October. The strong Meltemi winds in the Summer often mean that some areas of Greece can be difficult to sail, but the calmer conditions of September are much more inviting. Cruise to the port of Santorini, where you will be met with volcanic cliffs rising from the deep blue waters. Autumn also brings a burst of life to the islands as the locals welcome the cooler temperatures after the dry summer, and the landscape blooms with beautiful flowers. The Cyclades are breathtaking islands to sail around, and the magical spot of Koufonisia is a picturesque place to drop anchor and explore. Cars are few and far between on the main island, but at just 3.5km in length, it’s perfect to explore by foot or bicycle. There are six beautiful beaches to choose from, and several charming restaurants that will be quieter than usual. Mingle with the locals and try some traditional Greek food as you enjoy the warm Autumnal evenings.


The many islands of Croatia are often secluded, even in the peak summer months, but an Autumn charter offers guests a quieter experience of the popular tourist towns of Split and Dubrovnik. Start your cruise in either one of these magnificent cities, and sail to the beautiful Kornati Islands. Sakarun Beach and Dugi Otok Island are some of the most beautiful places in Croatia, where the Adriatic sea is an intense turquoise-blue color. Explore Sakarun, which is a mixture of beautiful white sand and pebble beaches surrounded by pine forests. The water is still delightfully warm at this time of year, and the hidden coves and shallow bays of Olib are a great place to spend the day windsurfing, fishing, and diving. Head ashore to buy locally caught fish, wine, cheese, and homemade olive oil.

South of France 

The French Riviera is a wonderful place to visit all year round, but  autumn is often less crowded than the popular months of June, July, and August. The average temperature in September is 26 degrees Celsius (78 Fahrenheit), with wonderful fresh sea breezes to keep you cool as you sip a cocktail on board or walk through the picturesque seaside towns. Thanks to the glorious sunshine throughout the summer months, the waters in this region remain warm, perfect for trying jet skiing, windsurfing, and snorkeling.

Stroll the streets of Monaco before embarking your yacht. Anchor at Pampelonne Bay in Saint Tropez and take a tender to shore to enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine at one of the many lovely restaurants that overlook the sea. Set sail to La Bastide Blanche, with its crystalline waters it’s the perfect area to try out your charter yacht’s toys. If you’re more inclined to spend the day lounging in the sun, you won’t be disturbed in this peaceful bay. Cassis is a stunning small French town known for its vineyards and picturesque seaport. This is also an ideal place to explore The Calanques, the impressive natural rock formations between Cassis and Marseilles. Sail in the tiny islets between the limestone cliffs that make up this beautiful national park and enjoy the warm Autumn breeze.

To discuss your own bespoke yacht charter in the South of France, Croatia or Greece contact your IYC Charter Consultant.

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