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Top 10 secret spots of the Bahamas

Top 10 secret spots of the Bahamas

16th September 2019
When planning a visit to the stunning Bahamas, most people have heard of highlights including the famous pig beach of Big Major Cay, and the otherworldly beauty of Pink Sands beach on Harbour Island but that is not all the Bahamas has to offer, with a veritable treasure trove of undiscovered beaches, unique geological features and wildlife encounters to enjoy, far from the crowds. Here is IYC’s list of the best secret spots in this beautiful island group.
Lighthouse Beach, Eleuthera
There aren’t many spots on earth where you can enjoy views of two different oceans, but the most southern tip of Eleuthera is one of them. The hike up the cliffs to the old lighthouse isn’t for the faint hearted, but it is certainly worthwhile; when you reach the top you are rewarded with spectacular vistas, with one side of the beach met by the Caribbean waters of Exuma Sound, and the other the Atlantic Ocean. Tucked behind dunes and limestone cliffs, the beach itself is difficult to access by land, leaving you to explore its hidden caves and snorkelling sites undisturbed.

The Queen’s Baths, Eleuthera
At the northern end of Eleuthera is another gem. Located not far from the famous glass window bridge is the Queen’s Baths. This collection of warm pools have been carved out of the rocks by the tempestuous Atlantic ocean, and when the tide drops the water is heated by the sun, creating nature’s very own hot tubs. You can enjoy soaking in these tidal pools or observe the cornucopia of shells and sea life that get washed up during high tide.

Shroud Cay, Exumas
The Exumas island chain is made up of 365 cays, and with your own superyacht you are able to explore them at your leisure and find your own Bahamian ‘secret spot’. Tap into your inner Robinson Crusoe and decamp to an isolated tropical island, where civilisation is just a distant memory. An example of one of these uninhabited islands is Shroud Cay, which, thanks to 30 years of protection within the area’s national park, is filled with wildlife, and a trip through its mangrove forest will allow you to spot a range of marine and birdlife.

Straw market, Nassau
For something a little different, explore Nassau’s straw market. Nestled between the designer and boutique shops of Bay Street, this authentic market is the home of a vast array of hats, bags, local crafts, jewellery and souvenirs. No surprise, many of them are made of straw! This is the perfect spot to practise your haggling skills, so enjoy some friendly bartering and conversation with locals before returning to your superyacht.

Inagua Islands
Great Inagua island is the most southerly island in the Bahamas and is home to not one, not two but three national parks. This is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 80,000 west Indian flamingos found on the island, along over 140 species of native and migratory birds, including the Bahama parrot, ducks, pelicans and hummingbirds. With a huge focus on ecotourism, both here and on her sister island of Little Inagua island (which is an endangered sea turtle habitat), visitors are treated to some truly memorable wildlife encounters.

Ocean Hole, Eleuthera
This perfectly round blue hole sits one mile inland on the southern edge of Rock Sound on the island of Eleuthera. Dive into this natural swimming pool and bathe in the company of friendly tropical fish and turtles. Local legend says this beautiful pool is bottomless, and has its salty water has healing properties.

Compass Cay
The protected harbor of Compass Cay Marina is the home of some very friendly nurse sharks. So friendly, in fact, that they have all been named by the locals. To swim with these fierce-looking but docile creatures is a truly unforgettable experience. Outside of the marina, there are thirteen stunning beaches to enjoy on the island.

Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island
Dean’s Blue Hole may not be the well-kept secret it once was, but you may be lucky enough to find yourselves undisturbed at this incredibly geological formation. Surrounded by a natural stone amphitheatre, this stunning blue hole is one of the deepest in the world, reaching a staggering depth of over 200 metres. The site of sand trickling over its edges to the depths below is mesmerising, but if you are keen to explore further, then enjoy some spectacular snorkelling or diving.

Hamilton's Cave, Long Island
Not far from Dean’s Blue Hole is the enormous Hamilton’s Cave. As one of the largest caves in the Bahamas, it is filled with impressive rock formations, highlighted by sky lights. Its passages are wide, at over 50 feet wide in places, and you can spot wildlife such as crabs and bats. You will need a guide to navigate this cave system, which has yet to be fully explored.

Tropic of Cancer Beach, Little Exuma
As the name suggests, this beach is uniquely located on the Tropic of Cancer. There are no amenities on this stunning crescent beach, just a hand painted line that marks this paradise-like entrance to the tropics. Fortunately, this hidden gem is difficult to find, meaning it remains blissfully quiet. Pack a picnic and spend the day on this unspoiled stretch of powder white sand, snorkelling and swimming in its sheltered blue waters, or simply enjoy a short, symbolic visit to step across the meridian line.

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