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Visit the swimming pigs of the Big Major Cay Bahamas

Visit the swimming pigs of the Big Major Cay Bahamas

7th October 2018
A superyacht charter is the perfect way to create unforgettable memories and for something truly unique many charter guests spending time in the Bahamas delight in a visit to the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay, Staniel Cay, home of the famous swimming pigs.

Making for a unique sight as they swim in the clear blue waters off the white beaches of the island, the pigs have become a proud icon of the Bahamas. For charter guests wanting a real once-in-a-lifetime experience swimming with pigs in glittering blue waters has become a sought after – if slightly surreal – adventure. The pigs have now become so famous that they have even inspired a children’s book, and have had songs written about them.

Although they are thought to have been on the island since the 1800’s, no one truly knows how the pigs came to live the island of Big Major Cay, where they now roam in an area that the locals have affectionately dubbed “Pig Beach”. Some believe that the pigs had been on board a ship of European explorers that was hit by an un-forecasted storm and became wrecked. The crew did not make it to shore, but the pigs survived and managed to swim to land where they became the sole inhabitants of the island. Another story says that sailors used to release feral pigs onto islands, with the intention of returning later to eat them – perhaps barbequed on a traditional boucan. However, luckily for these fortunate pigs the sailors never returned and they were left to relax on their own private island paradise.

On Pig Beach the pigs now live a laid back Bahamian life – basking in the sun, then jumping into the clear waters to cool down and frolic in the surf. They have become accustomed to visitors, and as you cruise toward the island the pigs will swim out to greet you. Look over board and you may see expectant upturned noses hoping to be thrown some leftovers.

From snorkeling with tropical fish and turtles, to eating freshly caught fish cooked on a beach-front grill as the sun sets, a charter in the Bahamas is an incredible all round experience and a visit to the swimming pigs is just one reason to book a Bahamas charter vacation. The swimming pigs have become just as much a part of the Bahamian experience as steel drums and conch fritters. Sailing up to the uninhabited island, eyes peeled for the sight of pink and brown pigs lying on the white sands is certain to be one of the most unforgettable moments of your bespoke Bahamas cruise.

To craft your bespoke Bahamas charter experience today, including a visit to the swimming pigs, contact the IYC charter team.
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