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World Ocean Day 2024: IYC's Commitment To Collaboration

World Ocean Day 2024: IYC's Commitment To Collaboration

7th June 2024

At IYC, we recognize the significant changes the yachting industry must make to reduce its impact on the environment and our oceans. Each year, World Ocean Day, celebrated on June 8, is an essential reminder of the importance of protecting our oceans. The 2024 theme: 'Catalyzing Action for Our Ocean & Climate,' underlines the urgency of collective action. 

At IYC, we are working in various ways to drive change and collaborate with others to make a positive difference. Here, we speak with our CEO, Raphael Sauleau, and OCEANR's founder, Tom Cotter, on the topic. 

Embracing Eco-Friendly Practices

IYC is committed to promoting sustainability within the yachting industry, and we are pleased to see progress made in recent years. Our sustainability seminar at last year's Monaco Yacht Show generated crucial conversations around sustainable actions, and we continue to prioritize education and awareness. Continuing to make a difference, IYC has adopted several specific policies and practices, including: 

  • Eco-Friendly Yachts: We offer more eco-friendly yachts equipped with the latest green technologies, such as hybrid propulsion systems, energy-efficient engines, solar panels, and systems to minimize impact. 
  • Carbon Offset: Providing options for clients to offset their carbon emissions through reputable carbon offset programs. 
  • Waste Management & Reduction: We implement comprehensive waste management protocols, including waste separation, recycling, and using biodegradable products onboard. 
  • Marine Conservation: Supporting conservation efforts by partnering with environmental organizations. 
  • Sustainable Operational Practices: In our global offices, we have transitioned to digital communications and documentation and implemented energy-saving protocols. We also promote better transportation options for staff. 
  • Education & Awareness: Support and recommend crew training and provide clients with educational materials and guidelines. 
  • Green Certifications & Partnerships: We collaborate with environmental groups and participate in industry sustainability initiatives. We are also proud to partner with companies such as OCEANR. 

Sauleau is passionate about sustainability and ensures it remains at the forefront of IYC's values. Alongside these practices, he adds: "We are consistently working and developing tools to provide educational materials and resources to our clients to raise awareness about sustainable yachting practices. Upon request, we also offer customized itineraries and experiences that focus on sustainability." 

Impactful Partnerships 

Our collaboration with OCEANR highlights IYC's commitment to drive change through transformative partnerships. Tom Cotter founded the pioneering brand which creates custom eco-friendly clothing collections for people and organizations living on or near the water. 

He explains: "The inspiration to create OCEANR stemmed from my lifelong passion for water sports and the urgent need to address the plastic pollution plaguing our oceans. We are the first generation to suffer the consequences of climate change and one of the few to actively combat it. Setting up OCEANR was about changing the status quo of fast fashion and introducing a new way of thinking about what we wear."

The collaboration has resulted in custom merchandise for IYC events and clients, all produced from recycled plastics and other sustainable materials. In addition to the sustainable credentials, each product purchased funds ocean clean-up projects across the Mediterranean and Indian Oceans. 

Recent offerings from OCEANR have included a bespoke collection of premium eco-friendly gifts for the Monaco Yacht Show and MEDYS, including gift bags for our MEDYS Captains dinner, client gifts, and gift boxes for our fleet members. The gift bags included stainless steel reusable water bottles with engraved bamboo lids, 100% organic cotton tote bags, compact towels, and matching bags made from bamboo and recycled polyester. "It has been great to see a big focus on generating conversations around sustainability at all major yachting events, which is allowing us to learn and keep up to date with improvements in the sector. Education is key to progress," says Cotter. 

He adds: "We have seen a big increase in brand partnerships within the yachting and marine space in the past 12 months. This is down to a growing demand for sustainable and recycled products and the realization that we all must do our part to protect the oceans that are so important to our livelihoods." 

The Future 

While significant progress has been made, the yachting industry requires continuous effort and collaboration. We are dedicated to being at the forefront of this and are proud to have partnered with like-minded brands such as OCEANR. 

Looking ahead, Sauleau explains: "The industry has made significant progress, awareness has increased, and boundaries have been pushed. But, there is always room for improvement, and technological advancement will allow for more progress. I think establishing universally recognized standards could help to ensure consistent environmental performance across all operations."

Cotter also comments on the future regulatory horizon: "I anticipate regulations demanding greater emphasis on transparency and accountability within the industry and an obligation to track and improve environmental footprints. I think partnerships will be crucial in driving improvements." 

IYC has also established long-term sustainability goals. "We aim to promote and apply carbon neutrality, promote marine biodiversity and conservation, reduce single-use plastic, increase environmental awareness and education among clients, crew, and the wider community, and integrate sustainability into all of our operations," explains Sauleau.  

He concludes: "I anticipate several key developments that will further enhance the sustainability of the yachting industry, including an increased use of renewable energy, increased usage of sustainable materials, stricter, however, adapted, environmental regulations, and, of course, a growing eco-conscious client base that is pushing the industry to innovate."

Happy World Ocean Day! 

As sustainability becomes increasingly important and is at the top of many agendas, IYC maintains dedicated to making a difference, embracing eco-friendly practices, and fostering more collaborations that help safeguard our oceans in years to come. 

If you would like to learn more about the sustainability protocols and practices we implement or would like to enquire about a more eco-friendly yacht for charter or purchase, contact our expert team today to discuss further. 

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