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10th April 2020


In times of uncertainty, an experienced yacht management team is crucial to navigating the complex waters of running a vessel. The role of a yacht manager is incredibly varied, and during this time IYC can assure owners of a number of responsibilities.
A Yacht Manager:

1. Can present and manage the most efficient “minimal budget operation", without compromising the yacht's condition.

2. Will ensure that the yacht will retain its value even with a reduced crew, as it will be kept to a higher standard than if it were left with a reduced crew and no professional oversight.

3. Will provide ongoing expenditure reports and analysis to identify cost-cutting options to benefit the owner.

4. Is the cost of one mid-level crewmember, but provides the experience and judgment of several captains, and is always available.

5. Can handle and resolve mandatory Flag and Class regulations with a reduced crew, without any distress to the owner.

6. Will ensure that the safety and compliance of the yacht and its crew is maintained to the highest standard, minimising liability for the owner.

7. Will ensure that the yacht receives the most economical products and services during times of slowdowns, and not be price-gouged.

8. Can provide immediate shore-side control and guidance during a time of crisis or in an emergency response.

9. Has immediate access to the best crew when the time comes to re-establishing a full re-crew.

To find out more about how IYC's Yacht Management services or to contact the team click here.

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