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Andaman Islands Luxury Yacht Charter

Andaman Islands Yacht Charter Guide

Undiscovered by tourists until very recently, the Andaman Islands remain one of the most remote places on Earth. Of the 570 islands, less than a dozen are open to visitors adding to the intrigue and mystery of the region, which is one of the last places on Earth where a trip truly feels like an adventure. The fragility of the islands, their inhabitants, and their ecosystems creates a delicate beauty, which has been preserved through the strict control of development. An Andaman Islands yacht charter will take on a voyage to discover emerald waters, spectacular coral reefs, and lush rainforests where wild elephants roam. There is something particularly special about experiencing luxury in a pristine environment; on a charter yacht in the Andamans, you will find serenity.

Best Time To Visit: November to mid-May are considered the best time to visit, although with little temperature fluctuation the islands are a year-round destination.

Key Cruising Areas: The remote archipelago consists of hundreds of islands, making for endless scenery. Although less than 20 are open to visitors, there are plenty of beaches to explore, and the islands are a great start to a Southeast Asia cruise.

Don’t Miss: Explore the mangroves by kayak. Paddling through dense mangroves, you will feel immersed in the islands’ beauty as the trees close into canopies above you. For a truly spectacular experience, take a night kayaking tour. The flashes of phosphorescence as your paddles break the dark water will create unforgettable sights.

Best Spots for Wining and Dining: Some of the best dinings on the islands can be found in luxury resorts, where excellent chefs pair with the eco-luxury of the resorts to create stunning experiences. Havelock Island also offers a number of good dining options; try the fresh food at Full Moon Café. Order a lime cardamom fizz to sip while you peruse the extensive menu that is particularly good for vegetarian dishes.

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Best Local Dish: The cuisine of the Andamans is centered around seafood, and local produce such as rice, coconut, banana, and spices. The Indian and Asian influences add their flavors to the cuisine, and one of the best dishes on the islands is Tandoori fish. Head to Red Snapper restaurant on Havelock for excellent local food.

Local Culture: The culture of the islands is a mixture of the native and Indian cultures. While much of the native culture is off-limits to visitors, there are a number of interesting historic sites on the main islands. The Cellular Jail is an impressive building and a place of huge historic importance. The light show here tells the story of the somber past of the region with a mesmerizing display that is well worth seeing.

Best Beach: Rated one of the best beaches in Asia and the seventh most beautiful in the world, the kilometers of fine white sand on Radhanagar Beach meet lush green rainforest on one side and azure waters on the other. The sea is clear and wonderful to snorkel, and you may even share it with an elephant cooling off.

IYC recommends: A trip to the Andamans would not be complete without experiencing the unique luxury of a night or two at one of the eco-resorts. Indulge yourself at the Taj Exotica. Enjoy days of spa treatments, partake in some snorkeling or underwater photography directed by the on-site naturalist then dine in one of the restaurants, each of which pays homage to the islands’ history.

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