christensen Shipyard

Christensen Shipyard is positioned amongst the world’s composite fiberglass construction leaders. With a current fleet of yachts from 35 to 48m, the American company focuses on achieving the best quality and high attention to detail in each of its mega yachts.
The founder Dave Christensen started focusing on the yacht building industry with a self-commissioned custom yacht for his own private use. Beginning out of Dave Christensen’s search for his perfect yacht, the Christensen shipyard started in partnership with Westport. For the first few yachts in 1982, Westport molded the hulls and Christensen finished the design. Before their first builds were complete, Christensen had multiple orders on their books and by 1986 had incorporated and established their own shipyard in Vancouver, Washington.



Today this American company is building exquisite custom luxury yachts that do very well on both the sales and charter markets. Each Christensen yacht that comes out of the shipyard is built in compliance with ABS and UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency classification standards.

Every single Christensen yacht is built with the most exquisite composite materials available. Their cutting-edge construction process is based on a large-scale vacuum infusion accompanied with proprietary in-house techniques to create a strength-to-weight ratio seven times stronger than steel and solid laminate. This makes all Christensen yachts true deep water, majestic global explorers. The superior strength of infused composite construction is apparent in every Christensen yacht.The foam-cored structure of Christensen construction provides a natural absorption of mechanical and structural energy that significantly reduces shipboard noise transmission and vibration.


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