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Christensen Shipyards

Country: United-States
Specialties: Motor Yachts, Semi and Full-custom Yachts
Size range: From 43m (141’) to 50m (164’)
Hull configuration: Semi-Displacement, Displacement
Hull material: GRP 
Services: New Build, Warranty, Maintenance 


Shipyard History

In 1982, Dave Christensen, a home builder and real estate developer from Vancouver, Washington, began his foray into boatbuilding when he retired at the age of 50 and purchased an 80-foot (24m) motor yacht. Once he encountered issues with it, Dave decided to build another by ordering a hull from Westport Shipyards and completing it himself. Before the project was finished, an interested party made an offer to purchase the yacht, which Dave accepted. Seeing potential in this new venture, he officially incorporated Christensen Shipyard in 1985 with the business officially opening its doors a year later.

With over 30 years of experience and 44 yachts delivered, Christensen Yachts earned its reputation as one of the most renowned superyacht builders in America. Located in Washington, the production of this renowned luxury fiberglass motor yacht builder came to an end in 2020. The legacy of Christensen Yachts and their demand in the brokerage market has only been growing ever since.

Shipyard Specialty

Christensen Yachts is a leading US motor yacht builder, specializing in constructing semi-custom units exceeding 40m (131’) with composite materials since the mid-1990s. Well-known among North American clients, Christensen offers superior craftsmanship and high-quality interior finishes, as well as close proximity to their client base.

Their in-house disciplines ensure quality and flexibility throughout the construction process, while the foam-cored structure provides natural absorption of mechanical and structural energy, reducing onboard noise and vibration. Boasting over 1,000 man hours of boat building experience, Christensen Yachts has a track record of delivering high-end yachts on time and on budget.

Notable deliveries and models

Christensen Yachts is one of the world’s leading composite fiberglass construction yards, boasting a fleet of yachts ranging from 35 to 50 meters. In each superyacht, advanced composite materials are used and coupled with state-of-the-art construction processes, including large-scale vacuum infusion and proprietary techniques, to create strength-to-weight ratios seven times higher than those of steel and solid laminate. Such advanced techniques result in deep water vessels that are designed to withstand the toughest of global voyages. Recent Christensen yachts to be launched include the 49m Chasseur and 50m Silver Lining (2016) and the 50m motor yacht, Jackpot (2020). A number of Christensen yachts can also be found on the charter market, such as I Love This Boat, Zeal and Popeye.

Design collaborations

Christensen Yachts typically designs their superyachts in-house, in their Vancouver shipyard. With a distinct aesthetic, their yachts are easily recognizeable. Despite this, Christensen has collaborated with several American design studios in their designs, such as Appollonio Naval Architecture for Daydream and Silent World II, as well as Glade Johnson Design, Evan K. Marshall, Ed Monk and Setzer Design Group.


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