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Baglietto was established in 1854 when a thirteen year old boy named Pietro Baglietto started building dinghies together with other small boats in his own back yard. What started out as a hobby turned out to be a prosperous endeavor creating regatta-winning sailing yachts. As his enterprise expanded he began building sailing vessels for important individuals, including  Pope Leo XIII in 1906 when he launched Guiseppina – the 74-foot yacht with the largest combustion engine in Italy at the time.


Today, Baglietto is a well-known yacht builder, known for its luxurious vessels. They own two different shipyard locations – one in la Spezia and one in Varazze in Italy. The company is known for the manufacturing of over 27 meters long motorized private yachts. They stand out for their sleek and contemporary design, which combines luxury with modern looks.

Both Cantieri Navali Baglietto as well as Cantieri di Pisa are owned by the Gruppo Baglietto. Cantieri Navali is a leader in the production of fast aluminum open-style motor yachts, while Cantieri di Pisa is known for producing fiberglass yachts that range between 27 and 46 meters.

Baglietto yachts are custom built and designed with high attention to detail, focusing on  meeting the requirements of their future owners. They are known for their contemporary and state-of-the-art technology, as well as for their advanced and modernized  designs.

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